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Hamburgers, donuts, sodas, and.... running??

So... those 4 things do NOT go together!!! For the most part I eat healthy (ish) but yesterday I did not do very well!! I have a deep addiction to Krispy Kreme donuts (in America, do y'all have those in Europe??) my friends make fun of me because they are most definitely my weakness.... they're just delicious and I love them... so I had those for breakfast yesterday. Then for supper I had a burger combo, and it's useless to pay for a drink without consuming it... I wasn't even that hungry and nothing sounded good, but I knew it would be BAD NEWS this morning if I didn't eat anything!

So then I woke up this morning to run... 7:00 mind you, not 4:45.... and boy did I feel every bit of what I ate yesterday!!! I also didn't stretch or do strengthening yesterday, it was just an off day! Wayyy busy at work so when I got home I was exhausted.

But, alas, I finished week 3 in all of its glory!!! Have learned a few lessons, so will get back on track!!!

Week 4, 5 minute run! Let's go!!!! 👍🏻

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Great you’ve finished week 3! See you next week! 😀

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You did well to get out there! And survive.:)

Healthy eating needs to be full time.. with the very odd treat ?

There is a great selection of food out there. delicious, tasty, easy to prep and good for you!!

"You are what you eat.

Every 28 days, your skin replaces itself.

Your liver, 5 months.

Your bones, 10 years.

Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat.

What you eat literally becomes you.

You have a choice in what you’re made of. "

Stretches... never miss them out and really start upping your strength and stamina exercises if you want to sat injury free:) Please?

We want to see you finish this programme... and in one piece too :)

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Yes! I went to the store today and loaded up on fresh produce!!! :)

Definitely learned a lesson! I am doing the strength and flexibility program as well. So will start that back up tomorrow on week 2!

I definitely would love to finished the program in one piece!!! ;)

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Yeay... go you!!!

We all have choices... best not to waste them :)

I shall watch for your posts !

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The thing is, we all know what we are doing, no remorse for self inflicted injuries ;)


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