Strange happenings, poor observational skills and running at stupid o'clock

Last night, as per normal, I set out my running gear, set the alarm for 5:40 and went to bed.

When I woke, I looked at the clock. 5:35.

I got out of bed, into the bathroom, running gear on, picked up and switched on the garmin and out I went for my warm up walk.

Tuesday is my first run of the week and is generally the shortest, currently around 6.5km.

The garmin finds the sat and off I go.

I am about 15 mins into my run before I actually notice how quiet the streets are and how it just does not seem to be getting light. It is cloudy and we are almost past the point where its dark longer than its daylight so I shrug and continue. The loop soon finishes and I have done the run a little slower than normal but hey, I'm not out to break and records in the first run of the week. I quickly save the run and head back home.

I get home and head to the kitchen to put on the kettle.

At this time I look at the clock.

It is 1:50am!!!!!!

I reckon I must have gotten out of bed around 1 am after around 2 hours sleep. I reckon I either xreamt the time as being alarm time or was sleep walking and got up and dressed.

I showered and went back to bed and unsurprisingly, did not get back to sleep for some time. When the alarm did eventually go off, Mrs Runner56 asked me if I was getting up for a run!!! She slept through the entire episode!!!

Anyhoo, I am now bloody knackered and heading for an early night.

Happy running/resting folks. Sweet dreams :D


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  • That is the funniest thing I have read in weeks !! Well at least you got it over and done with nice and early...

  • Very true. Perhaps I should set up a midnight run club :)

  • How I laughed at that, Runner! :D Go you and your middle of the night runs! :D

  • And I thought you were an early morning runner MY!! :D

  • So funny

  • I have to confess at 4am as I was still awake, I failed to see the funny side. :)

  • Ha ha , oh I mean this in the nicest possible way ................... you twit ! :-D

    Well at least you got your run in nice and early, so you had the rest of the day zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Sweet dreams :-) xxx

  • Twit is being kind to me PP :)

  • Thought I was the only one doing crazy things like that! Had to laugh though! Love it! :) :) :)

  • Do tell Beek :)

  • Oh, just silly things like ringing immunology to apologise for missing an appointment - only to be told appointment wasn't until the next day. Turned up for physio last Monday and should have been there next week. Doh! Talk about senior moments!

  • Love this made me laugh so much. Sorry had to share with my wife as well. Thanks for sharing it kind of sums up how addicted we can get. Got to run ;-)

  • Not sure I could get addicted to that time tho' :)

  • Oops. Bet it was peaceful out there.....and you needn't have told anyone if no one saw/ heard you. :)

  • Oh!!! Wish I had thought of that!!!! :)

  • Oops - that's taking early starts to an extreme. Hope you are not too tired now!

  • A nice long sleep Ully and I am niw recovered :)

  • Hahaha I've done something similar and got myself up and dressed in my running kit and half way out of the door before realising it was still the middle of the night. :D :D

  • At least you spotted your error in time.

    note to self : check alarm clock twice before getting out of bed :)

  • Brilliant. I just read this to my hubby and we are having a little giggle. 1am running - now that is dedication lol

  • Dedication or stupidity? Hmmmm......


  • You made me laugh out loud! there's dedication for you (even if it was unintended). No wonder you are tired now.

  • Laughter is not the best medicine. Its 1am running.

    Trust me :D

  • Oh, that is so funny!! I literally had tears of laughter reading this! :)

  • Watch those tears dont blur your eyes. You might end up with an inability to tell the time :D

  • O. M.G that's hilarious , there's early runs & there's EARLY RUNs ! Lol

  • Was it early or late :D

  • Love it. Hilarious. X

  • Thanks. I still cannot believe I did it :D

  • Oh my goodness! :D

  • You're telling me !!


  • Oh how funny! I used to sleep walk when I was a kid, but never heard of sleep running.... could have been worse - at least you put your clothes on!

  • Theres a thought


  • I once watched my 5 year old son sleep walk past the lounge door, into the kitchen, into the pantry and lifted the pedal bin lid to do a wee!

  • I did a 13 mile walk for charity once that started at midnight - it was called a 'moon walk'. Maybe you could start a new craze - the moonRUN ; )

  • Moonmadness I fear :)

  • Oh my god hahaha! And I thought me getting up at 4.40am was crackers - that said I'm getting home from my runs in the dark now and have a fear of this sort of thing happening to me - especially after my bedside clock randomly altered itself by a few hours for no reason yesterday evening?! :O

  • Clocks eh?



  • Hilarious! This has just perked up my morning here R56! Can you do it again next week please cos laughter really is the best thing :D

    I once set off to work on a Bank Holiday and only realised when the station car park was empty.

  • I cant promise NOT to do it again Slookie :D

  • lol, oh dear! At least you've done it, and probably scored a PB for early runs at the same time :)

  • I like that glass half full thinking Thomas :)

  • I'm impressed - and laughing very hard, I have to confess :D Never mind, you got your run in, and you are a wonderful person to post on here and tell us all about it when you know the reaction you're going to get! Thanks for the giggle x

  • You're welcome. :D

  • Great post. I guess you are one of a very select few who can get up before Miles for a run! Well done....

  • I dont fancy doing it that often. I like early runs, but not miles early runs. I suppose setting off at 1am I might stand a chance of beating Miles over the distance :D

  • Hilarious!!!!

  • Why thank you Sue.

    Its always good to laugh :D

  • I'm sorry but this is very funny! Great job :)

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