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Running tights that aren't too minging

Hello! Now that Autumn is definitely here (3 of my last 4 runs have been in driving, punishing rain - lovely) I am looking out for some suitable new kit - my first priority is to get some leggings or tights as they are called. Obviously these need to be tight but can anyone recommend any that are flattering and help to hold you in a bit rather than exposing all of your wobbly bits?? Or is that too much to ask? Second, what is everyone wearing in the dark - are you wearing reflective bibs / sashes? Thanks for any advice in advance!

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I'm in the same boat, so I'll watch this thread with interest. I found some capri pants with 'hold you in' technology, so I expect you can get the same in long running tights (i bought mine in TKMaxx).

I'm just about to cycle to JJB sports, as I heard the stock is all being sold off cheap (sad for the employees) and thought I'd try to pick up some tights there and perhaps a waterproof/breathable fluoro jacket, will let you know if I spot anything useful


I love Under Armour. There stuff is very supportive. I have their Heat Gear capris which make me look and feel 2 sizes smaller, yet so comfy. Just bought some long Cold Gear tights for winter they feel just as nice but thicker, warm and soft. Haven't run with them yet as I run after the school drop off, so still bearable with capris and light jacket.


Anything that makes me look or feel 2 sizes smaller has got to be worth investigating! Under Armour here I come....

I have got cheapie but comfortable tights from Lidl (£7). They're not exactly glamorous but do the job. Got some flashing light arm / leg bands from Lidl too, a snip at £3.99 for 2. But I could do with a high-vis top which is breathable but wind-and water-proof.

Hope you find something that you feel good in!


Under Armour here I come! Thanks everyone - good advice! Will also pay a trip to Lidl for the essentials!


Haha haven't heard "minging" for a long time, translation: nasty/horrible/naff/yuck, its a very scottish word.

I managed to get a HiViz bib from Lidl, also flashing lights to fasten around arms/legs. I bought at the end of last winter from Sports Direct some Adidas long leggings which have a 5" zip on the bottom of the leg for getting on and off easier, they are really nice for colder days, they also have the 4 white stripes for HiViz. Sports Direct have Karrimor HiViz yellow hats which are good too but you really need to have cold weather to wear it as you do get a bit on the hot side. Bought a pair of black/yellow gloves from Aldi on Thursday they are very nice but haven't tried them yet.


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