Are running tights too revealing for us chaps? (Ladies, avert your mince pies)

I am thinking of investing in a pair of running tights and notice Sports Direct have some cheapo Karrimor ones at just over a tenner. You also get a snazzy yellow reflector strip down the legs! Oooh er missus.

Trouble is I am just a teensy bit worried about the know.....displaying the....shall we jewels? Not so worried about my bum as I can't see that, but just wondered if any of you chaps flaunt the Lycra Lunchbox? I am at an age now (50) where I don't give a badgers ar** of what people think about my "look", but I am keen to clad my calves in skin tight lycra as I feel it may prevent injury. Don't want to get arrested for "An unsightly display of reckless bravado"

Ladies, you can now stop bloody laughing!


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  • Please supply a photo and we'll let you know:-)

  • It's a deal. I'm sure I've got a wide angle 10mm lens stuffed somewhere.......

  • LOL Always good for a laugh you are!

  • Kaboom!!

  • Lol. I was in the same dilemma, and I bought the same pair. Very good running tights. I wear my shorts over the tights

  • That's not a bad idea.......(rubs imaginary handlebar moustache thoughtfully)

  • Lightweight flappy shorts over the top is for wimps. It's what I do.

    It's been so cold out, there's nothing (practically nothing at all) for me to be concerned about! ;)

  • I forgot about the cold. Good call.

  • I think it would serve a valuable public service! Go for it!

  • Lol!

  • I agree!

  • Fine for running but I wouldn't stop off at the local pub or shop. However if you've got annoying teenagers then definitely turn up to parents' evening in them.

  • Zizzy, you're evil :D

  • Lol!

  • Luckily for me I don't have teenagers. But if I get over my initial shyness, perhaps a visit to Tesco's immediately after the run might be a laugh....

  • Hmmm not sure about Tesco's, avoid the self scan... unexpected item in the bagging area....

  • Danzo we women have much bigger bouncy bits we just hap em up a bit firmer (get my drift) support and protect is the best advice. And yes jogging leggings will help support those muscles a bit. You will have less wind resistance too (from the elements not from you) ;) But we women will have to cast a vote on a scale of 0-10 once seen for approval you understand ;)

  • I totally understand OG. You minx!

  • I would suggest you go with the flow and go with your gut feeling and wear them... And unless the Crown Jewels are akin to a donkey then you will be fine... ;)

  • Eeeee-orrrrrr!

  • Don't wear them if you're related to Don Quixote's well-endowed friend, Don Quitodger. ;)

  • Looking forward to the pic then :)

  • I have some but I'm only brave enough to wear them when I'm skinny! not in my current condition. I have the Karrimor with pink stripes from my first time on C25k. They are comfortable and quick dry if its raining but I think the fabric could be a bit thicker

    S x

  • Most of the guys I know wear shorts over their tights. Having said that there is one chap in my running group who frankly doesn't care and he's quite well endowed!

    Anyway.....wear what you feel is comfortable.

  • Not read any of the replies yet. But you could wear your running shorts over the tights. As you say who cares what we look like. I wear Lidl compression running top and tights. But I also wear my hi vis T and shorts o top of those.

  • You have cheered my morning up!

  • I wear them but take care not to go commando. Too much visible wibbling!

  • Karrimor also do an Xlite pair for Β£17 or something... they have windproof panels at the front. Result is heavier fabric where it matters, which compared to the Β£11 pair, is far more acceptable. My wife even *approved* of me going out today in only leggings.

  • Hey Everyone - I've gone and purchased a pair. Tried them on and boy are they AMAZING! forgetting the bulges here there and everywhere, tomorrow I'M GOING FOR IT! Watch out twickenham!!!

  • I had the same thoughts / dilemma last winter & went for the Ron Hill "classic" running tights which (being slightly baggy) are not quite as revealing - it still felt odd to even consider wearing tights though!!

    I nervously went for it, don't think I have even had even a second glance and (not easy for a Northern lad to say) actually quite enjoy running in em now!!

    Go for it!!

    Although - if you ever get the urge to plump for lace - please get back to us!!! :-)

  • Wish I lived in Twickenham! Haven't laughed so much in ages!

  • Just seen this question had to post a reply! What was the outcome and where's the piccie for us girls to check..And I would say if you've got it flaunt it! ;-)

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