Autumn running - aren't leaves slippy!

Autumn running - aren't leaves slippy!

Hello everyone, I'm back from the wilderness after a manic summer. I've missed you all, but I've not missed any running. Far from it!

Just been out and managed a comfy 7K on home turf for a nice change, although I did nearly go base over apex on some early autumnal litter.

How's everyone been then - need any cake??? (Coffee and Salted Caramel)

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  • Caaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!!

    Good to see you again and great to hear you are doing 'comfy 7ks' :)

  • Ha ha yes - I hope I didn't sound trite! To clarify, by 'comfy' I mean I didn't feel like I was going to die, and I didn't actually die :-D

    Good to be back, hope you're well too :-)

  • Hiya Sazz !!!! Long time no hear ! How are you ??? :-)

    Good to hear youre still out there running your little legs off , 7k is superb !

    Oh that cake looks the dogs wotsits !!

    I have been doing a healthy eating plan , I think its about 12 weeks to Christmas , so I am planning to lose a 1lb a week so I will be 12lb lighter by then , so loads of room for cake - Ha ha !!

    Great to hear from you again, keep in touch ! :-)

    * Clinks teacup full of GREEN tea * Ooooh get me ! :-D xxxx

  • You're a paragon of virtue PP!

    I'm very well and hope you are too.

    Back home for the autumn/winter so hope to bore you all regularly :-D xxx

  • Ha ha , I know ! I have lost 3.5lbs this week, I am highly delighted ! :-)

    Aw it is good to see you back on here Sazz , looking forward to reading your posts and seeing your lovely cakes, even though I cant eat any :-) xxx

  • I can't eat any either - but wow to 3.5lbs in a week!! Well done you, you lickle racing snake :-D

  • Tee Hee , racing snake ! :-) Thankyou ! I am flippin' determined to keep it off this time n'all ! :-) xxx

  • Oh wow Sazzle - that looks amazing. We've missed your cakes - and you of course......

  • Cake!

    That's a great distance to be comfortable with.

    I now have distance and cake envy.

  • Wooooooooooooooooooh cake! I'd like to dive in head first but like Pops I'm having to watch it. I lost 2 lbs last week and was due to weigh in tomorrow but it looks like I've put some back on. Booooooooooo!

    Hello there Saz! Been missing your cake pictures. I did flick through my cake recipes the other day and found your choc fruit cake which I have put on the top to make when I'm carrying less ballast

    How are you then petal? Good I hope. It sounds like it if you're dashing off 7k's!

    Speaking of autumnal litter, goose poo and falling tree fruit are a lethal combo. Skidddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! I was in the park this morning. Those horse chesnut shells (or whatever they are, nut-like things) are crippling under foot. Bah!

  • I know Miss W - so many hazards out there for us athletes ;-) ;-) ;-)

    I'm super duper. Not lost any more weight, but dropped a further dress size since I started running. I confess I do use running as a bit of an excuse to treat myself - but after 18 months on a diet it was a sustainability issue more than anything else. I'm so chuffed that I am feeling fitter and enjoying the odd guilt free treat whilst not gaining any weight.

    Still got a couple of stone to lose, but after a life of yo-yo ing I'm happy to be stable for a while. Now I'm back at home can eat more regularly and healthily so it will come with time :-)

    How are you chicken - injury free and running well I hope? It's good to be back amongst you lovely people - such a positive place :-)

  • Just leaves are very slippy but glad to hear you didn't fall and injure yourself!!

    I love the photos of your cakes - they make me a bit home sick as i want to sit with my friends with cake and pots of tea and set the world right!!

  • Tea and cake fix everything :-)

  • That. cake. looks. amazing. 😍

  • Yep, most problems can be sorted out over tea and cake.

    I'm not fit Saz! Still on the bench with shin splints but I'm getting back but it's frustratingly slow

  • :-(

    I feel very lucky not to have had any injury issues (touch wood)

    Hope you're mended soon xxx

  • well hello stranger

  • Hello neighbour :-)

    Planning my first ever park run October!

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