Any tips for running in these dark mornings?

I am an early morning kind of runner - I set my alarm and like to go out at around 6ish on a week day. However have a had a few weeks off due to illness and then a holiday and of course the last time I went out early it was still light. Went out yesterday and it was cold [thats fine I hate running in the heat] but pitch black and quite foggy too.

I always run on a main road which has a path and its well lit but half way along I realised the street lighting stopped so I turned round and ran the other way. I also have my headphones in so I guess I am quite vulnerable really. I've got a running jacket which has high visability bits on it but I wondered does anyone have any other tips for winter running?

Thanks everyone x


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10 Replies

  • > Someone in my family did suggest wearing a torch on my head (like a miners lamp)

    > but I thougt that was going just a bit too far lol :)

    Certainly not too far, and far from being strange or anything. As Ceefin says, lightweight LED head lamps are brilliant, They're small and lightweight and you soon forget your wearing one. DH and I did a 5K walk in the woods on Sunday evening wearing our head lamps and it was super fun!

  • Hmm not sure I'm brave enough to wear a headtorch and I don't plan on going anywhere thats not well lit and as someone else said [although the comment seems to have disappeared] the mornings will get a bit lighter from the end of October Thanks Swanscot

  • You can get lightweight armbands that have flashing LED lights on them and LIDL are doing these at a great price just now (along with other winter running kit, gloves, leggings etc)

    Lightweight LED head torches are a must if you are planning on going off well lit main street and the models available now are miles better than they used to be.

    I lacked the confidence and motivation to go out in the pitch black mornings so I joined a local running club which meets at 6pm instead :)

  • Hmm not sure I'm brave enough to wear a headtorch but I like the idea of the armbands. I will just stay in well lit areas! Thank you Ceefin

  • Sorry but my answer is not to run that early in winter! Got up at 6.30 to run -- too dark --too scary. Will run at 8 am instead.

  • I know! I will at the weekend but midweek its the only time I can fit it in :( and if I leave it till the evening it just won't happen!

  • I do understand - I ran at 7.30 this morning and am late for just about everything -- but running has become my priority :-D

  • I know - I don't want to go back to my old ways again! x

  • Barney019 I'm the same as you. I either go at 6am weekdays or I don't get a run. Even though I'm on roads I think I'm going to use a headtouch and flashing armbands. I too am feeling a bit vulnerable.

  • Anna - I think running with just one earpiece is also a good idea - a few weeks ago I was running about 9am ish as I had a day off and was so engrossed in my music that I just heard 'Hello' and a man who was also running caught me up and started running alongside me. Now he was lovely and friendly but it did give me a fright and made me realise just how vulnerable I am. But will stick to well lit roads, one earpiece and some flashing armbands x

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