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Any Tips on Winter Running?

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Where I live the temperature drops well below 0 Celsius in the Winter. I went out for a run the other day when it was 9 degrees Celsius and my nose felt so congested from the coolish air! Any tips on running in the cold?

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Try one of these (I mean, or similar -- it's hardly earth shattering):

Basically keep your mouth covered as you breathe in VERY cold weather. Otherwise -- long-sleeved running top plus windproof jacket plus neck covering plus thin hat plus thin gloves plus slightly thicker tights plus thin wool socks. Ultra cold days may need a thin vest. You warm up a LOT while running, just make sure you don't get caught outside after the run - you will chill fast with all that sweat.


A BUFF... I love mine... wear it to stop cold air, prevent raindrops or snow running down you neck :) Keeps your face/ nose and ears ( if you fiddle a bit with it) lovely and warm.. I have two thinner ones and a slightly thicker one :)

Warmer running leggings are great too and layers..on top.. A lightweight, windproof and waterproof breathable jacket can be useful.. I have a Ron Hill.

Thermal layers but keep them to a minimum as you still get hot! I only wear two layers in the winter and find that's plenty. A hat and gloves and a buff as the others have suggested. And keep drinking water as you can get hydrated as easily in the winter as the summer.

I don't know where you live but if your temperatures are really low then runswithdogs can give you some tips as she lives in Canada and runs through the winter.


Protect your extremities (gloves and buff) and layer up on your body.

Longer warm up may be necessary.

Be very cautious about running in icy weather, especially on roads and pavements.

Winter running can be wonderful if you get the layers right.


Hi mckinz23 ! Where do you live and how cold are we talking? I run in Calgary outdoors year round - coldest I've hit is -24C.

There are a few key pieces of equipment when we're talking subzero.

- A lightweight windproof shell. It's best if you can get this with high visibility strips and zippered pockets to put your hat and gloves when they come on and off, and tissues. This doesn't need to be warm, it's for the outermost layer only. Doesn't need to be expensive or high end.

- Good winter running pants, preferably with windproofing on the front. This is where it's worth it to spend the money on a good pair.

- New running shoes - I always buy a new pair of shoes for winter for grip on the ice. You could also try Yaktracks or Icetrekkers slip on shoe spikes, but most of the winter I don't use these

- Gloves - cheap ones. You lose these a lot when running

- Real wool socks - the mesh top of a running shoe really lets in the cold air

- Something to cover your head. If it's nice I run in a thin toque. If it's really cold out I have a cheap balaclava that covers the mouth. You can buy the balaclava, gloves and the wool socks at a shop for people that work outdoors. It's significantly cheaper than a specialty running store. If it's not balaclava weather, people tend to wear those thin running buffs to cover their mouth and nose. They're sold in any running store.

After that, all of the gear can be what you already own. I have thermal wool and fleece base layers that I layer on under the shell and occasionally the pants. You'll have to play it what you're wearing a bit. If you're warm during the warm-up walk, you'll be overheating during the run. It's really easy to overdress.

The other tip I have is to really be conscious of tucking in your clothing, and checking yourself out in the mirror before you go. Because you get so distracted running, and so warm, it's possible you could have exposed skin and don't notice it.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. If you are local, I can let you know what brands I personally use.

Happy winter running and let us know how it goes! My runs get shorter and slower during the winter, but it's great fun. It'll amaze your friends and runners in less cold climates.

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Thank you so much for all the advice! I am definitely going to need ti prepare a shopping list for all the new winter gear! I live in Ontario but further up north so I would probably be running in -10 degree weather on average! My main problem is how congested I get with my nose running and eyes watering (they are very sensitive to everything). My lungs also tend to burn in subzero temperatures but I am guessing that will go away with time and practice!

Thank you again for all the help!

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Do you have a Mark's Work Wearhouse in your town? This is the balaclava I run with:

It takes away that burning lung feeling.

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Yes I do! and I am in luck it is in stock! Thanks a bunch!

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