Winter running tips in pics 🌨

Winter running tips in pics 🌨

I am absolutely no expert but I wanted to share my own tips on running in the winter as I have noticed lots of questions about it.

I have a medley of random winter pics to show you to demonstrate ( starting from top left and going clockwise)!!

1. Head-torch... they can be bought cheaply and make running in the dark really good fun. On roads etc good to have a light at the back coupled with a dayglo tabard ( I have one from Lidl v cheap)

2. A coat to keep off the wind and winter running tights. This is actually my husbands cycling jacket which are great as have pockets ++ this was in Hayle on New Year's Day. They are Nike running tights which are winter warm.

3. Ninja look!!!! This is me and my friend with an unexplored bomb on a long run we did last year. It was really cold so I have a thin hat which makes a big difference to keeping in the warmth. We looked a right pair of idiots, and a small child looked at my friend and cried!!!!!

4.this is my friend in the woods, she has a gilet which is great if you feel the cold ( like her) , a hat and 2 pairs of gloves ( one over the other)... on a very long slow run it can get chilly.

5. It was pouring with rain like a river... a must is a thin waterproof with a hood that doesn't blow off and a BUFF. This was given to me in a goody bag at a race and they are brilliant. You can use it to blow your nose and wipe off sweat... and if I get hot I wrap it round my wrist like a sweatband. These are brilliant and worth investing in.

Any other tips from anyone else?

Happy Panthering everyone and enjoy the bounties that Winter running brings



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  • Thanks ju ju, really useful, not sure about the tag though hehehe!

  • Those tags are crazy!!!!

  • Great tips ju-ju😀 Ordered a buff a few days ago as an addition to my running wardrobe! I love the colder weather for running🙂

  • Ha ha! What the ! ☺

    I got a free buff when I joined my jog group. I wear it always

    Good tips there Ju. I just got myself a merino long sleeved top from aldi

    I ran the other night with a torch in my hand and one on my head! Black as pitch in places

  • Yes good point I have merino too from Lidl!!!!

  • They are fab aren't they, I love mine!!!

  • You didn't explain about the cocaine Juju!

  • Very atmospheric pics. That looks like a photoshoot from the Kays Autumn/Winter Catalogue :) My son donated me a buff (although I didn't know it was called that 'til now) and I used it for the first time this morning. Super lightweight and very versatile. Wait for the post on 'Running in the buff' :-D

  • They are great aren't they and so versatile!!

  • Love the photos! Yes, I agree with others - buffs are great, so versatile. I wear mine as a headband to keep my ears warm. I also have windproof running tights (karrimor) which have thicker fabric over the thighs, really good in the wind and rain.

  • That sounds very sensible!!!

  • Oh,I have those running tights too! Great for the winter☺!

  • Thanks for the tips, JuJu. I hear that is going to be a tough winter in the north this year.

  • Yes, stay warm!!

  • I get so hot when I run that I don't need to cover up that much. Having said that last winter was so mild that I didn't need to. Also I live a bit further south and near the sea so it rarely gets that cold. I have never tried running in the dark. I am worried that I might not see where I am putting my feet. Thank you for the pictures. They are great

  • I know what you mean and I hate getting too hot!!! With a good head torch running in the dark can be fine as it lights your path!!! I don't ever do my trail in the dark though .....

  • Thanks ju-ju. In cold Denmark we need proper winter gear!

    I got some Gore winter running tights for my birthday I think they will keep my legs warm, they feel sooo comfy.

    Buffs are a must. I have a handful. Also a thin hat and gloves.

    But I have no idea what jacket I should buy. There are so many kinds. I am thinking that I might just get a really thin and light windbreaker that also keeps out the rain to some extent and and add layers under for the really cold days... I'm not sure about a hood... If it rains I usually use my cap to avoid wet glasses.

  • I have gore capris, and I love them. I often wear my husbands Gore cycling coat ( as seen in pic) as it is really warm and waterproof and if you layer under with merino it wicks up the sweat!!!

  • I have a cheapo thin, shower resistant hooded running jacket. I can get the hood over my cap, which is handy when setting off when it's cold and windy. The jacket usually comes off when I get warmed up and it's light enough to tie round my waist, ready for popping on again post run, or if the weather turns nasty

    I have some long gore tights. Very nice indeed. Not winter ones though

  • The only advice I will give are these two..

    1. Wear layers. In the last 15 years or so running/activity clothign has improved big time. Wear lots of thin light layers - Merino is excellent but can be a tad pricy- but yooften get what you pay for.

    2. Start your run cold. Otherwise, After a mile or so, youwioll be way too warm.


  • Oh lor' the number of times I wipe my nose with my Buff! Glad it's not just me :D

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