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Struggling with the dark, and running in general! Any pointers?


Hi All, it's been a while!

Since last posting, I have been running on and off. I never seem able to stick to the ideal 3 times a week. Sometimes not even twice, recently not even once.

I haven't let it slip completely though. I went on holiday to Cornwall in the Summer the run up to which was so busy, there was not a chance to get out at all. Mid holiday I was feeling rather slow and lethargic after not having run for about 4 weeks (and eating a lot of yummy food), but whacked a 5k PB out out of nowhere! The Cornish air and some rest had obviously done me good. Since then I have done a few of runs here and there, most of which have been thoroughly deflating, boring and I've even abandoned a couple. I've just fallen out of love with running. So I decided instead of forcing myself to get back into it and risking hating running altogether, I'd take a break, and return to it tonight.

I have to figure out somewhere to go now though - my favourite running haunts are now pitch black and unsafe to run through. I'm going to have to do a bit of research of quietish routes - I really don't like breathing lungfuls of standing traffic fumes. Last year I was able to run along village roads in a familiar, well lit area but I have since moved to a very hilly and less safe area.

Does anyone have any tips for dark winter running?

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Shiny (literally) new kit, head or body torch (some good threads lately on that)

Maybe it is time for the gym/leisure centre and the dreadmill or some other form of exercise. (I find a swim excellent for reminding me why I love running...)

Sometimes getting togged up but telling yourself you are only walking will tip you into a run... or do intervals.


I started to run at lunch time for the same reasons, I head off during my lunch break at work, not the best time for me in terms of abilities but at least I'm doing it regularly. I eat after the run :)

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That would be my dream solution but I only get half an hour. By the time I'm changed and out, I'd only get about 15 minutes before having to get back to my desk :'(


Well I just run in it. I was out tonight in the rain with my trusty head torch. Ideally I would have run today but ran out of time. You have to go slower as you have to watch where you're going and I was a bit worried about slipping on wet leaves too, so just went a bit steadier. I ran on the main roads for the most part, on the pavement obviously. Doh!

I enjoyed it as the streets were largely deserted because of the heavy rain.


I found a place! It's very helpful to be in an office with lots of other (very impressive) runners that know the area well. So I was advised that because it was only going to be 5K, the embankment along the river Trent would do fine. Quietish, well lit and wonderfully flat. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and whipped out another PB! But I am well aware that the test isn't in the first run back, but the next one which I'm planning for for Saturday.

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