here we go again

for the past month i have not run at all due to a painful knee. I have been doing some cycling and weight training including leg curls to try and build up the strength in my leg muscles so they will support my knee.

Tonight when i got home from work i thought, i have been pain free for a week now, just go for it. I didn't venture outside in case something did go wrong so used my treadmill. I managed to complete the 5min warm up and cool down walks with 25mins of non stop running!!!! So far all good, no twinges or aches, really hoping that things are back to normal. I will continue with the treadmill for my next few runs then head back into the great blue yonder towards the end of next week hopefully!!!!!

So so glad to be able to run again and to be able to do 25mins non stop i was fearful all my past effort may have gone down the pan!!! lol

Watch this space


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13 Replies

  • Wow that's brilliant if you haven't run for a month - well done!

  • thanks so much i am just so relieved that i can still run.x

  • That's fantastic news! Fingers crossed that your knee behaves! x :-D

  • Really pleased for you Careof. Hope your knee is completely recovered now :(

  • Well done and great news. Running has helped my knees and they don't ache/grind/hurt since week 3 maybe 4. Long may it continue and Good luck :)


  • Can you keep me updated? I injured my knee 2 weeks ago and doc told me to lay off running until it improved. So missing my first 10k tomorrow :(. Putting ice on knee and to gym to try ex bike today.

  • Will do. When i got up this morning, i thought as i put my foot to the floor is my knee gonna be ok or not and HEY no pain, walking round on it fine. Have you tried ibuprofen gel and a knee support. I used these along with ice packs and ibuprofen tablets for nearly a week. I couldn't even put my foot to the floor without the support as it felt like my kneecap would cave in. It just goes to show that with rest your body can repair itself. Good luck at the gym and take care of that knee.

  • Yes tried all those. Doc gave me Naproxen. Ok at gym, but avoided treadmill. Putting leg up now as slightly more fluid on knee. Trouble with getting old - it takes longer to recover.

  • morning to you just a quick update on my running as requested. Completed another 30min run last night along with the required warm up and cool down walks and all seems to be good. How is your injury responding to the rest really hope it gets better quickly. Take care.

  • Glad to hear you are now going well.

    Just done my first recovery run 3k in 19.28, so quite pleased. However not having run for 2 weeks it came as a shock to find it had suddenly got dark in the morning

  • lol. well done you for getting back out there hope all good with the injury. I do mine in the evening after work it helps to de stress. Sunday i did a 3 mile bike ride, then a short session on our multi gym.Monday i went to lawn green bowls practice, sadly the last one of the season, then did my run Tuesday evening and have been out on my bike this evening for almost 4 miles which i know isn't far but it all helps. Shopping tomorrow so i will be a couch potato after going to work and then battling at the supermarket, packing, unpacking putting away then getting the evening meal!!! Hoping to run outside on Friday evening at the local rec . Will keep you posted. Take care.

  • Interesting I hurt my knee at the end of week2, I couldn't run a and sat smarting in the sofa while my OH carried on running. This Thursday I decided to test my knee as the pain had all but gone and like you I went on to a treadmill, I started with wk3 r1 and found that I could achieve it no problem, I even snuck in wk3r2 last night..... What I will be interested in is how long you are planning stating on the treadmill until you venture outside again and are you using any support on the knee for your distance? Did they cycling help??

    Glad your on the mend

  • i thought i would continue on the treadmill for my next two runs and then venture outside to my local rec and see how things go on the grass. I do believe the cycling and the weight training must have helped in some way, they certainly didn't hinder things.

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