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I can't believe that I am writing this...but tonight (Saturday) I've felt the urge, nay an itch, to go running. I would have forsaken my fix of wine to do it.

I didn't though, cos I have a weird crunchy, tight pain in my right lower leg just to the left of my knee. It's not that bad, but I don't want to make it worse. I'd rather run without it tomorrow.

But, rather than an urge to drink on a Saturday night, there has been an urge to run. And I feel disappointed that I haven't! Somehow, cheated. Perhaps I'm concerned that unless I keep up the momentum it'll somehow fall away and I'll revert to the the ole couch tater default. And I so don't want that to happen. I want to keep on doing things that I didn't think I could do.

What's that all about!?

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Know the feeling. I can be a downright grouch if anything stands in the way of my run! Bet you never thought a run would be preferable to a glass of wine! Hope your knee feels better for tomorrow. If not, why not take another day off? Sometimes I leave 2 days in between runs if I have a little pain or I'm a bit tired. Doesn't seem to make any difference to wherever I left off in fact sometimes I run even better with a slightly longer break between runs.

And don't worry - we won't let you go into couch potato default - we'll all be asking where you are and for an update on how you're doing :-)


Clearly your running high is better than your drinking high!What about both in moderation

Injcidentally I'm always concerned that it's going to be really hard after missing a few days and today I realise it's been 5 days.What happened? Well day one was acceptable - usual day off running, day 2 grandchild to look after, day 3 getting paperwork together for new venture, day 4 new venture etc etc .I am going to have to plan this post graduation running a lot better!


You've got the running bug!


I've definitely found I run better / find the run easier after a gap of a few days when I've had to miss a few so definitely rest up if you're knee is playing up! It's great when the bug has hit and you really start to realise how good it makes you feel :-) Happy running


I too didn't reach for the wine. The main reason I was picking up 15 year old son from a party, but I was determined to get out for a run this morning. Just had my first run in over a week, due to knee probs and a I can stop sulking.


Well Viv its called contamination, you've been runner bug bitten ;)


Yup - got the bug. And you're all right about the extra days rest. Went out this evening and had a great run. Did one of the C25k+ podcasts which increases speed as it goes on. Regained breathing after about a minute and didn't go puce in the face for once! This s@@t works! I also saw a young girl running on the track as I finished. Then saw her walk and then run ... And I thought 'ah, another C25K'er. I hope she sticks with it.


Sounds good, vivwestie! Which C25K+ did you do? I did Speed again yesterday, it was so flippin cold (0 degrees) I had to wear my running gloves for the first time, kept my jacket on for the whole run! There was a skinny ponytail girl in front of me who disappeared into the distance as I was plodding along!

I hope you also had a glass of wine on Saturday night! (I did - worryingly it doesn't seem to impact on my running).


Haha, Sooz, yes I did have a glass of wine! And I wouldn't be worried about it not impacting on your running - I'd be delighted!

I did the stepping stone C25K one, I think! It kept stepping up in increments from 150, to 155 then to 160 steps per minute. I did the speed one the other night where you run for 150 (I think) steps per minute then increase to 165, then back down to 150 and kept alternating, but it was only for 20 mins run time and I wanted to do 30 mins. I'm so glad though that there are more podcasts as I might have lost impetus otherwise. Once I get speed and stamina up a bit more, I'm going to just run without (gasp!) any podcasts!


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