Final run before Saturday

Final run before Saturday

Morning all - well, that's it then. I've done all I can now to be ready for Saturday's race along the riverside. I set off this morning wearing the clothes I intend to wear for the race (don't worry, I'll wash them now I guess), the playlist for the iPhone and an idea of doing about 5K today just to keep me fit for the weekend without tiring me out too much... The wife and kids are leaving for holidays early tomorrow so I wouldn't make a run tomorrow and doing one on Friday would be madness so today was the day...

I decided to delay my start until 9:30am this morning. Why would I do this given the heat? Well, dear reader, my race on Saturday starts at 9:30am and the weather looks to be similar to today. What better way to see what it'll feel like on race day? Guess what it felt like? Hot, sweaty, hard and then hot... it must have only been about 20 degrees but in the direct sun it was a bit "hot and sweaty". It is going to suck on Saturday for 10K but that's why I'm learning to pace myself to about a 6:30m/km pace for the first 7K or so... after that I think it's "game on" if there's anything left in the tank...

Knees were a little troublesome after my run, but an ice pack on them has calmed that down now (phew - don't want a bloody injury now!) and walking them out for 10-15 minutes post-run helped a lot... I need to keep my knees moving after a run - when I stop they seize up it seems...

Now it's time to start seriously hydrating (5-6 litres a day) and getting some decent carbs into the system before Saturday. It'll be an energy bar and the usual topping up of water before the start and then it's just "me and the road" - oh and 495 other runners apparently... :)

Best bit about the first 10K? Even if I'm last, it's a PB... :) My goal? Used to be under an hour.. in this heat, under 1:05...? In reality? Finishing and NOT walking!

Happy running folks... keep them fluids up!

The beer is being chilled already for Saturday afternoon!


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15 Replies

  • Good luck, Ausie :) I'm thinking along similar lines to you for my 10K run ie 6.30 pace and see how I am on the last k :) I would love to complete it in under 60 minutes but I'll be more than happy if I complete the course without walking, that's going to be my goal. As you say, whatever time you/I finish it will be a PB :)

    Looking forward to hearing all about your successful run ;)

  • Thanks Paul. I think I need to be both realistic and sensible with pace.. it's my first race, I've only been running 5 months and to finish without walking along a 6.2 mile route in this heat is going to require some "conservation of energy"... I can then aim to KILL my time in Winter as they have a winter event along the same course... :)

  • I think that's the problem, Aussie. These runs are, for many of us, our first time doing such a thing. I don't know what pace I need to run at in order to complete the distance because I've no experience (apart from any training leading upto to it)!

    I could be running way too slow or way too fast. It's a big learning curve for lots of reasons. I think once you manage to complete a 10k, or 5k for that matter, rhen you have a better idea the next time you do it.

  • Do let us know how you get on. How sensible to try and replicate your actual run conditions you deserve to storm it. Good luck !

  • Thanks - I could have actually run the course (it's along the river in that map) but I think that'd be tempting fate a bit too much. I've run most of it before and what I don't want is the mind doing the "ooo... you've still got AGES to go" thing on me... best to approach it fresh on Saturday... I might walk it on Friday to check out the condition of the track though as there are sometimes some muddy bits (mind you - not in this heat!)...

  • Good luck for Sunday you look well prepared, enjoy your race you will do great.

  • Thanks - I'm as prepared as a newbie to this distance can be! It can only get better from here! :)

  • So what about that bit which says best pace 4.15min/km?

    All the best for Saturday!

  • Thanks!

    Okay - there were some cheeky sprints in there (nothing like a bit of fartleking in the park)... just to see if I could... :) I couldn't keep that up for 10K though... Not without wheels on my shoes anyway! :)

  • Hey Aussie - you're ready now! All good wishes for Saturday, and most importantly - enjoy it!

  • Well done Aussie. It was a brilliant idea to do a practice run along the start of the route. I'm with KittyKat, don't try push the pace and definitely walk if you need to. In this heat you need to do whatever's necessary just to finish. Drink lots and, yes, wash that kit :)

    Good luck, can't wait to read your race report :)

  • KABOOOM!! Have a great run Aussie. You will LOVE it!

  • Good luck Aussie, it sounds like you are well prepared and that has to be so important, but as the others have said, take it easy out there in those hot conditions. Looking forward to hearing your post match report.

  • It's going to be hot I think Aussie so don't rule out walking! I would walk whenever I felt the need to. It will be over quickly, much quicker than normal as your time will be fully occupied so it goes like lightening. You might need a hat!

    The night before my 10 miles I had wholegrain pasta, a low fat Philly sauce with a piece of griddled salmon. I read somewhere that was good pre-race day dinner.

  • Hi Aussie , preparations coming along nicely, everything in place by the look of it.

    Can only echo what everyone else has said regarding the heat, it is going to be a scorcher for sure.

    Look forward to a further pre-run report tomorrow ! :-) xxx

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