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Hey lovelies, I am due to run wk 9, run 2 tomorrow, so I'm nearing the end of the podcast, yay. πŸ˜„ I am also going to my first park run on Saturday morning with a colleague from work, just hope that I'm ready. Just wondering what tips and advice you lovely people have for me please? My colleague will want to talk, but I said I can't run and talk. I get out of puff running as it is haha.

I need to print off my barcode too, so I'm quite excited, but pretty nervous too. Do they keep records of how runners get on, etc?

Anyway, any advice is so welcome. Thanks peeps x

25 Replies
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What park run, I'm doing my 1st on Saturday

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to rolysmate

Ooh well done, that will be exciting fir you too. I'm in South Wales Roly and this isn't the PR that I signed up to, but I understand you can attend any one. This one is in Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar. 😊

rolysmateGraduate in reply to quirkybee

Ahhh I'm up in Derbyshire

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to rolysmate

Which are you doing rolysmate ?

rolysmateGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Whitworth Park (Darley Dale)

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to rolysmate



Hey Beth, you are well ready for a park run, just take it slow and steady and enjoy every minute. XxX

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to Martin_Rose

Ah Martin, thank you. I will try my very best, god help me though, lol xxx


Haven't you come a long way! Off to parkrun already.

Get there a bit early so that you can go to the 'New Runners' briefing. About 8:45 or 8:50am. They'll explain the course, process and answer any questions. There is likely to be somewhere that you can leave a bag or jacket, but obviously this is not secure, so leave valuables in your car. You'll not need your barcode 'til after you've finished the run, and then your time (and everyone else's) will be published to the parkrun website.

Finally, go at your own pace. It is really easy to run at the pace of the person in front of you, and you'll end up setting off too fast. You could begin with your 5 minute warm-up walk, and let the runners go off and get out of your way. Don't be tempted to let your colleague set the pace, or engage in chat if you don't want to. Start together, meet up at the finish, but run on your own.

Good luck!


quirkybeeGraduate in reply to MarkyD

Thanks for all the advice there MarkyD, I will take heed to it all. I think the 5 minute warm up will be beneficial too. Watch this space, lol 😊


Good exciting for you, I've never done one but I'm sure at this level you will smash it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to mizz_happy

Aww, thank you mizz_happy, I hope so. Let us know when you decide to to do one 😊

Well done on planning your 1st parkrun! You'll love it I'm sure! I did my graduation run as my 2nd parkrun it was great!πŸ˜†πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒWhen you go through the finish you'll be given a plastic token with you finish position. You take this (it's a barcode too) and your personal one to one of the scanner ladies/gents . This enables them to put you on the results table which are listed on your local parkrun page and you will also receive an email with your result (you can sign up for text alerts too)! Its all very exciting and you'llbe able to click on your name as the weeks go by and see how you are progressing!

There are people there of all standards and their motto is it's a run not a race! Go and enjoy! 😊

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to aliboo70

Hi aliboo, lots of useful advice there, thank you so much. I don't mind if I'm one of the last, the fact that I've tried one, is such a challenge and bonus. 😊

OldflossAdministrator in reply to quirkybee

aliboo70 knows... she has just completed her 100th Park Run!!!!! and is one heck of an awesome runner :)


MarkyD has given you the facts... :)

Take the run at your own pace.. at this stage, you could even repeat your Wk 9 Run 2 run...use the first 5 mins from the starting line, for your warm up walk then just run for 30 minutes, then walk..:)

It does not matter whether your run, walk or both.. it is meant to be fun:) If you are out of puff... slow down and just enjoy the whole experience:)

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you old floss I will listen to all of this advice. I don't want to lunge head first and then find I am struggling to breathe, I'll just enjoy the moment and hopefully get stronger with each one I do x

Take your time, but mostly enjoy yourself... You have worked hard for this, good luck πŸ˜€x

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to Tricky2836

Thanks lovely, I will do my best. I shall be thinking of you all at the starting line, haha x πŸ˜„


Go girl - can't wait to hear how it goes . You are nearly there ..... πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to Wannabefit19

Aww, thank you lovely. I will update you soon, lol 🀣


Wonderful, well done. Of course you're ready for Parkrun - run, jog, walk, maybe a mixture of each. They are wonderful friendly events - for me they are addictive! I can't run at the moment because of an injury so I am volunteering at Parkrun instead. Don't be nervous, though I have to say when I went to my first one I thought it was scary too arriving there with all those runners, my first organised run since I left school many many many years ago. It's not actually scary at all though, so you and your friend enjoy every minute of it. Yes you get a time, gives you something to aim at in the future: at my local Parkrun those times range from about 19 minutes (yes, really!) to over an hour.

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to davidhwynn

Hi David and thank you. I'm taking on everyone's advice, so thank you very much. Gosh, 19 minutes? Think I'll be more like 109 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'll take some pics at some point. Gosh, I don't get out very much, lol πŸ˜‚


Good luck! Your journey has been great and I admire you for doing the parkrun for graduation. Enjoy it and looking forward to hearing how it goes.

quirkybeeGraduate in reply to KoKo30

Thank you koko, much appreciated. I will let you know 😊watch this space, haha x

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