Parkrun volunteering and the small matter of a triathlon

Parkrun volunteering and the small matter of a triathlon

So, as many of you know, I did a triathlon yesterday - more of that later..... I was putting my body through a million levels of pain on Sunday, I decided NOT to parkrun on Saturday but thought I would volunteer instead. I think I got as much out of it as actually running and I would urge everyone to do it. It was great to be able to shout encouragement to runners for a change - it was incredible. I know how much it means when you're struggling, for someone to shout a bit of support at you - and it does make a difference and to see the grateful faces.......magical.

And then there was the triathlon. It was HELL. The bike ride was horrible - beyond words. I hated it. I'm torn between doing the spring triathlon (same triathlon, they run it in spring and autumn) to try and beat my dreadful time (I was, officially, the slowest finishers - but there were a couple of people who gave up and didn't finish) and never wanting to do another triathlon ever. Right now I don't want to go anywhere near a bike again. And after the awful cycle the run was almost impossible. I ran all the flat and the downhill but I simply didn't have the strength to run the uphill. I could truly barely walk the uphill. BUT I raised over £600 for refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan!!!!

And, as soon as my broken body feels able to start working again, I'll be back to my running. Next goal a 10k but I'll be taking it slowly.


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20 Replies

  • You did it.... what a fantastic achievement.... wear that medal with pride... what you did shows how far you've come.... go panther :)

  • Well done! Amazing achievement. You are made of sterner stuff than I am! I don't think I could ever cope with a triathlon. I think it's the swimming bit mainly - I am not a strong swimmer and the idea of lots of people swimming over me fills me with horror. But then I'm not sure I'd love the other bits either...

    Take it easy for a little while as you recover!

  • Thank you! i was doing it to raise funds for a charity close to my heart and raised almost £600 so I'm very happy. Apparently it is the swimming that puts most people off - it's probably my strongest event. There were some DREADFUL swimmers there yesterday - the energy they were wasting with poor technique was criminal - and I'm not a technically strong swimmer, just competent. A better swimmer than I am runner anyway!

  • Even better - brilliant achievement, very well done.

  • Go you! That's absolutely brilliant. The fact you found it hellish but still did it speaks volumes about your guts and determination 💪💪💪

    A huge well done to you. Fab bling!

  • Superwoman..........say no more!!!

  • have turned into Ironman..or the bionic woman 😄...

    Well done to you for taking on these challenges and raising money for others. I applaud you. 👏👏👏👏👏

    Remember someone always has to finish last...but many wouldn't even start what you have done. xx

  • Yikes! Jolly well done!!!

  • Your a triathlon girl roseabi - which of the disciplines do you find the hardest?

  • My first triathlon is coming up in just under 2 weeks now, and I am getting a bit worried about the weather! Swimming is the tough one for me, but I've been practising a lot - I just hope the sea is calm enough on the day that they will actually let us swim :O

    I am not really sure what the bike bit will be like! It's four laps up and down the main road in Hove, so it's very flat - but I am a bit concerned about the no drafting rule, and I'm scared I might drop my water bottle and cause a massive pile up :D I did a transition training day recently, though, which was very helpful.

    As for the running, I'll just plod round :)

    Well done, it is a jolly hard thing to do, I never thought I would entertain the idea! Also, awesome fundraising!!

  • Apparently swimming is the bit most people fear. Swimming is, on reflection, probably my strongest discipline. I was honestly stunned at the appalling swimming yesterday. I am, by no means, a technically strong swimmer but I am capable enough. Some of the swimmers' styles were making things so much harder for them. Don't be worried about the swim - from chatting to one of the marshals, there are always shocking swimmers at triathlons as people put all their energy into the bike and run. Presumably you're going to be wearing a wetsuit? When's the triathlon? I think I'll be on holiday but if I'm not then I'll come down and watch.

  • Yes I'll be wearing a wetsuit, it's definitely a comfort to know I will always float! And thanks, that's very helpful insight xx I'm a capable swimmer too, but I'm just a bit worried about going off too fast and getting breathless, leaking goggles, getting dizzy, stuff like that... I guess I should just try and relax :) I'll definitely be very disappointed if we don't get to swim, anyway!

    The triathlon's on Sunday 17th :)

  • Yes, don't go off too fast - I did that in one of my practice sessions and it was crippling. There were also lots of people doing breastroke so if you find that easier you could consider that. I'm on holiday on 17th - I would have loved to come and watch! You'll be fine. I was totally and utterly broken but somehow you find the motivation to keep going. Failure is not an option!

  • Absolutely - no failing here! :)

  • You are a star, coming last utterly unimportant, it was a personal and money raising challenge which you completed. I'd need a boat to do the swimming bit. I bet you got a great big hug from your nephew? And well'done too for being a volunteer on Saturday.

    So let's recap, Saturday you volunteer and give other runners hope and encouragement. Sunday you did things most of us only contemplate after serious amounts of alcohol, and you raised money for refugees from some of the worst war torn countries in the world.

    Your weekend was a loving and giving one, what a superwoman you are

  • I don't actually care that I came last - not one jot! As I came back down the road from the cycle, Kristian was there, jumping up and down shouting "Come on Auntie Becca, Come on Auntie Becca" and as I went on my run he was shouting words of encouragement too - so cute.

    I'm no superwoman - truly, I'm just an empath who needs to toughen up a bit. Twice I've gone to Serbia to volunteer with the refugees and my life will never be the same.

    If you (or anyone on here) is on Facebook search for me - Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh - and you'll see one of the most amazing photos I possess - a little Syrian girl who, totally unprompted, gave me a kiss after I gave her a toy I had made.

  • Well done you! Whether you decide to do it again or not, what an awesome accomplishment (entering it, finishing, and raising such a huge sum of money for a very worthy cause! ). Respect!

  • What can i say u r one determined lady! Congrats on doing that triathlon cant even imagine doing the run never mind the bike n swim too! Amazing! 😃

  • You are truly amazing and inspirational RebeccaSK What a fabulous achievement! You have such determination and courage!

    I would find the cycling part horrendous too! Well done for keeping going the whole way!

  • Absolutely brilliant!

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