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W4 R1 completed... and I enjoyed it!!?

Cannot believe I have achieved this today. I almost cried with joy when I realised I had run the full five minutes! Was soooo excited that I even did a bit of extra running on the way home ( I always seem to end up about five minutes from home even with the 5 min warm down).

Then met my neighbour - young, fit, slim, planning to do a half marathon next weekend - who has invited me to go running with her.... erm, maybe in a few more months!? lol but not quite ready for that. Still, i feel so good for actually achieving this much and doing something about my fitness and weight. i feel more full of energy and am sleeping better. Weirdly I am actually looking forward to the next run?!

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Good for you! 5 minutes today, and believe it... you will be running 30 minutes straight in 5 weeks time. Well done you! You may be joining your neighbour sooner than you think!


Well done Dizzygee and welcome to this cult where we all seem to very strangely look forward to the next run!!


Fantastic, Dizzygee! This running lark is strangely addictive and it's amazing how you quickly forget how awful it's been (at times!). Good luck for the rest of the programme!


thanks for all the positive comments, am getting hooked i think!


Well done Dizzygee. I also completed W4 R1 today. Like you I'm totally impressed with myself - never thought I could run for 5 minutes without someone having a defibrillator nearby! By the second five minute run I was nearly enjoying it.

Just like you I have also been asked to join a more experienced runner for a session. She regularly runs 6 miles. Not quite sure I'm ready for that yet but could be a possibility in the near future.

Running is not as bad as I thought!


Great job, Dizzygee!!! You are well into W4 and you have a lot to be proud of!! You will be amazed at how soon you will be in W9 and zooming through 30 minutes!! You are doing marveously!!! Keep us posted and Keep Running!!!!


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