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It's all in the shoes!!

Hi all,

Just completed week 1 and after treating myself to some proper running shoes the shin splints have GONE!! It's a miracle...or the glycerin 10's!!

I feel quite proud to have completed this week, even tho I know it's nothing compared to what's coming!! But I've started, and now I intend to finish!

6 days smoke free too :-)

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Congratulations all round! Great news. The hardest thing is getting started. Roll on week 2!


Well done for getting started - that's the hardest part over and done with! I graduated this week and had no idea it was possible for me to stick to something like this. I've really enjoyed the challenge and something about the structure of the programme keeps you going (I'm the world's best at finding excuses usually but not on this programme). Keep keeping on and I promise you before you know it you'll be getting your shiny green badge! Good luck :-)


Hi Becks, congrats on quitting smoking and on starting this programme!

The shoes make a big difference. I had to stop at week 2 my first time through as I injured my knee running in 10 year old crosstrainers....

The advice to buy the shoes before you start is really good, I wish I had listened.

Good luck with Week 2, enjoy!


Congratulation on week 1 and even more on the stopping smoking (i've also taken that journey). This programme is great and achievable, enjoy :-)


:-) welcome to a smoke free running journey! You are doing great! I bet the new shoes will help you run faster and jump higher! :-)


Well done, becksbinks!! I absolutely adore my shoes, too!!

Finishing week one and ending the have much to be proud of!!! You will be amazed at how quickly your body begins to get used to running and at your success!!

Keep Running and keep us posted!!


"... I've started, and now I intend to finish!" 6 days smoke free too! That's fantastic!

I did wk7 run2 today and my legs are aching right now, but its really worth it. When I started in August the brisk walk used to leave me out of breath, but thanks to Laura I can now do so much more.

The new trainers are an absolute necessity, they make such a difference don't they? Well done for starting. The support here is great, keep coming in and keep up the good work!! :-)


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