It's all in my head!!

So, as many of you know, I have struggled to regain my week 7 continuous 25 minute runs following a five week injury break. Recently I have made it to 20 minutes or so and then flagged and ending up running/walking the last five.

My (very fit) son is staying for a few days so I asked him to run with me this morning. I told him I wanted to achieve 25 minutes. Off we went; me running (!) , him walking.

We didn't bother with music, just chatted. Towards the end at each incline he said things like, it's only a slight slope, or, we can totally do this and on we went.

26 minutes in the bag folks :)

Maybe now my head will re-boot :P


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20 Replies

  • Yay, well done for overcoming this! I don't think it's a matter of "maybe your head will re-boot". I think your head has already re-booted, as evidenced by you getting over the 25 minute hurdle. Now stop worrying and thinking about it, and just run 27 minutes next time :) You know now that you can do it no problems. Well done you!

  • Of course it will.

    Don't think about it, just do it! Tick

    Have fun

  • Clever misswobble; you haven't got shares in a certain sportswear company by any chance!! Thanks for replying :)

  • Is there anywhere you can run where it is flat? trouble for you is that you are trying to conquer two demons at once - inclines plus non-stop running for 25+minutes. Try to conquer one demon at a time :)

  • Hi Bazza; it actually is pretty flat, along a valley lane. It's basically just a bit undulating, but those inclines certainly make a difference! It's my usual route and I just slow my pace and plod up them. I think the main difference today was just having someone to run with. It was lovely!

  • Brilliant , well done and hats off to you and you're supportive son :)

  • Thanks Ejbirdy x

  • Well done ! One thing I'm finding is that the genuinely fit/sporty members of my family/friends are the ones who are most supportive. I just spent 2 weeks staying with family. My neice and nephew are both serious runners (he does HM, she does tetrathlon) and both were very encouraging to their slightly aging aunt !

  • It's lovely isn't it? I have another son who is a personal trainer; doesn't live near me, more's the pity, but again he is incredibly supportive. I love to see posts on here from Graduates, and to know that you are all still running :) x

  • Don't see yourself as aged auntie. I am an aged great auntie but I stopped thinking like it and now think myself as Ju doe,s as a panther! LOL

    Have you seen that film, Cool Runnings, where the ripped dude grabs the 9 stone weakling by the shoulders, drags him in front of the mirror and makes him repeat the mantra,

    "I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!"

    That's you!

  • I haven't seen it but I love it!! I can be a bad-ass granny! Cheers misswobble xx

  • Well done AmisNan .... job's a good'un!!!!! You and I will be the bad-ass "twins" (you granny, me great auntie together with Miss(No)Wobble) and racing each other for our shiny Graduate badge. :)

  • Bring it on Mamma_Mia. Which run is your next one?

  • I did another week 7 run yesterday, so that's 2 of them nailed since I returned from hols and 3 I've done in total, albeit with a 3 week gap between runs 1 and 2 given the fact that I spent the holiday laid out on the injury sun bed, rather than getting some runs in!

    Now here's the thing, and I would appreciate some advice here. Do I make sure that I've done 3 week 7 runs in quick succession before moving onto week 8, or should I just go for it? I ought to point out that in yesterdays run, I increased the incline to 0.5% for the last 5 minutes and also increased my speed by 0.1 kmph each minute, finishing on 8.5 kmph for the last minute. For the length of the podcast I covered 4.45km, running 3.33km of those.

    I know what you mean about having someone supportive around. PapaMia is very good (especially at noticing that wobbly bits are firming up nicely!) but I'm also working with a fitness instructor at the gym - she works on a Wednesday morning and is always so enthusiastic that I feel I can't let either her or me down by not completing the run! I can't say that I'm missing running with at least one gremlin sat on each shoulder, but apologies if they came your way ;) Please don't send them home just yet though, as I'm on the brink of getting farther along C25k than I have in my previous two attempts.

    Good luck with your next run - which one are you on :)

  • I'm running outside and have now done 4 week 7 runs successfully; 2 before injury and 2 after. I felt really good after today's 26 minutes and Seb is coming with me again so do you know what- I think I'll give the extra 2 minutes a go and if I succeed then count that as week 8 run 1. What say you missus? Shall we do it? :) x

  • Great progress AmisNan! You're doing marvellously well, and your plan sounds like a plan!

    Week 7 was my nemesis when I last tackled it in May (honestly, I couldn't string 3 runs together!!!!!), so I spoke to my fitness instructor last night (whilst doing a gym session) and we've decided that I should do one more week 7 run before moving on - just because I had that lay-off of 3 weeks, plus I'm still sporting sore ribs from my holiday waterslide collision with PapaMia :D

    However, because graduation is nearly within grasping distance I'm going to heed her advice ... after all, what's a delay of 1 run when I've been doing C25k (on and off due to injury) since June 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do keep in touch, and we can spur each other onto graduation! One final thing though - you're obviously not hosting my running gremlins, so I'm not sure where they've cleared off to ... but they can jolly well stay away :)

    Take care. xxx

  • Aahh don't you worry about those gremlins MM; they are long gone! Good plan to do another week 7 run considering your injury; take it easy. I am going to attempt a 28 minute either in the morning or on Sunday. Not sure how my runs will go next week as I have offered to support the new batch of c25k recruits starting on Monday evening. I still want to complete my own last two weeks though!! I'll let you know what happens :)

    All the best with your next run xx

  • Mamma_Mia I ran with my son again this morning and did 30 minutes. Am somewhat amazed and obviously over the moon. So here is the plan. Tomorrow I start supporting a new batch of Couchers in my local town. In between I am going to continue with 30 minute runs because I don't want to go backwards. But I am waiting for you before I apply to graduate. No pressure then MM!! Good luck with the next few weeks; keep me posted with your progress and I look forward to sharing my graduation day with you xx

  • Well done! :-)

  • Thank you :)

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