Breaking all the rules

It was cool in Gods own County this morning and I completed my week 12 run 3 (my new programme!) of 31 minutes. However by the end I felt fab and (not listening to my inner sensible voice) kept going for another 10 minutes and completed my FIRST 5K!

I know it's slow but damn I did it. Me. Helenwheels. Middle aged mother of three Wheeletes. Long time exercisephobe and previous party animal

I blinking well did it😂

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  • Ha! Your post made me smile - from one past party - going, mother who used to break out in a sweat at the thought of running , to another........ chuffed to bits for you. Hope it goes as well for me.

  • Lovely....

  • Whoop whoop! Fabulous! Well done to you. It's a great thing and a nice round number 🙂

  • Well done- your post gives me hope that one day I'll get there 😁

  • Congratulations. My first 5k was 42 minutes. Welcome to the ex-partyanimalrunnersclub!

  • Running aside just for a moment, I have had a real chuckle to myself - expartyanimal runners club is a great slogan, might get a T-shirt printed saying just that. I have definitely passed the party baton over to the next generation but am happy to hold my glow sticks in the air when I finish my first 5k. 😉

  • I suspect I'm a generation before you! It would be lighters not glow sticks!! But the t-shirt sounds like a fab idea.

    re passing the party baton on: I'm happier now than ever (no kids but a good - and worked for - marriage).

  • Yeah Baby Yeah 🤣

  • Love it! Hope the Wheeletes are all suitably impressed :)

  • The youngest (every bit a15 year old) said she was proud of me😁

  • Well done. 5k is 5k, no matter what the time 🏃🏃🏃

  • Oh WOW!!!!! These wheels were made for turning and by gosh..they did!!! x

  • Just fab! 🙂

  • Well done you. what is your new programme ? Is there life after C25K?😀

  • Its entirely made up

    W10 30 x 3

    w11 31x 3

    W12 32 x 3 etc until I reach 5k (which I just did by ignoring my rules😁) and the maybe try some stepping stones podcasts. It's pretty mundane but I need structure and to increase my confidence that I can do and carry on. There does seem to be a bit of a hole after the high of graduation and I don't want to fall in it!

  • Just a thought but a few people have convinced me of the need to try intervals (short bursts of speed from 20 seconds upwards) and strides. I think the purpose is meant to help to develop muscles and getting more into a running 'style' so helping increase distance. Maybe one of your runs could incorporate per this if you think it might help?

  • Yes I read your post and responses. I'm sure the folks are right (they usually are after all 👍). I'm just not quite there yet. I want to feel confident with what I'm doing and consolidating before moving on.

    Do keep posting and let me know how it's going. I'm running in your wake, about 2 weeks behind you, so watching your progress with interest!

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