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Woop woop, it's in the bag!

This morning at around 06.30 I completed W9R3, it's more C24K than C25K, but that's OK. Due to the travel commitments of my job it's taken me 10.5 weeks to complete the program. Actually I think some additional rest days have been very beneficial, it seems to stop the niggly aches and pains from becoming something much worse. Since starting C25K I've lost 17.5lbs, I think this is mainly due to following Weight Watchers but as the recipe for losing weight is 'eat less, do more' C25K must be helping, it certainly tones up the lower half. Six months ago I couldn't run for a bus let alone for 30 minutes.

What have I learned? Perhaps I am a 'completer/finisher after all? That I get cold from the inside out (and not the other way around) on these frosty mornings, especially in the lung area! That to run in the early morning I need a decent dinner the night before. That the people who contribute to this community are very special (in a good way) and their support really helps.

What next? Consolidate on the 30 minutes, I still find the last 5 to 10 minutes quite hard going. Request my shiny green graduate badge :-).

Good luck everyone for your weekend runs.



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It's no mean feat to get up to 30 minutes, this coming from someone who has just started week 4 on my second time through C25k and finding 5 minutes a killer. I would certainly advise you to keep the runs going and you'll notice even more weight flying off.


Oh well done you! That's great news, and you've inspired me to finally finish, got stuck on week 8, about four weeks ago! Great work, go get your badge xx


Woo hoo well done to you, getting fitter and slimmer you must be so pleased. Congratulations and keep going :-)


Very well done Jax and big congrats to you!! Its an amazing journey isnt it?

Enjoy the moment, go celebrate and get that green badge - you have worked hard for it!!

Sue x


Congratulations, Jaxat! It's a fantastic feeling getting to the end of the programme. I'd recommend the 5k+ podcasts if you like structure and are looking for another challenge. They're great for increasing your speed and building stamina. Good luck. :)


Well look at you....GRADUATE!!!!! :-) Doing a happy dance for you here in the USA!!!! :-) Gayle


Wow, well done, you must have a choc and of course a lovely green badge :)


Congratulations - great achievement :D


Congratulations, Jax!!

First, congratulations on completing the program!! The journey to 30 minutes is an amazing one and you have so very much to be proud of!! You are indeed a finisher!!! Not only did you conquer the physical challenges along the way, but even more importantly, you conquered the mental barriers!!

Next, congratulations on the weight loss!! 17.5 pounds is a wonderful accomplishment, also!!

You have so very much to be proud of!! Take a rest and relish in your success!! Oh yes, be sure to request that "Graduate" have most certainly earned it!!

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



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