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It's all in the music

I finished W1R3 on a bit of a low what with bad prep (no food or water) and having to run at midday in 36C.

I had also read peoples posts about W2 being a step up what with it being the 'jump' from 60s to 90 second run.

So I wasnt bursting with confidence as I drove to the point where I run.

I thought maybe a change of music would help as I had listened to the same thumping beating music all last week thinking it would help and be 'motivational'.

So I looked through Spotify and chose the playlist that has all of my favourite tracks for when we are doing long road trips on the motorbike.

And what a change. It was a beautiful sunny moring. White fluffy clouds and about 17C with a refreshing breeze. I started off, did my 5 mins brisk walk to some 80's music filling my head with memories of youthfulness and then it was time to start my 90 second run..

And that is when the planets aligned.....

To my left was a herd of wild deer eating in the fields that started bounding along in the same direction (albeit a lot faster), above me were birds and trees filled with summer fruit and ahead of me was a path through the fields of harvested corn and tall sweetcorn crops.

And then it came on....Matt Monro "On days like these"

Ever since hearing that music on the opening credits of The Italian Job as he drives through the mountains I have always loved that song.

Before I knew it I had done 2 jogs and 2 walks.

I wondered what was coming next and behold I was whisked along by Sammy Davis Jnr singing Candyman.

I think today I kind of understood what runners say when they say they just get that feel good feeling.

Roll on W2R2

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Oh wow!!!!

"What a difference a day makes....24 little hours..." :)

It sounds amazing....all of nature and a melody in your heart :) Perfick!

Very well done you!

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Some opt for BPM running playlists, because it can not be denied that rhythm affects running pace. For me, just having my favourite music on shuffle is a great joy. I only run with music about half the time, but it does create some wonderful moments when music and landscape conspire to push me somewhere new and special.

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How lovely.


Brilliant GB. Isn't it wonderful when it all comes together

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I LOVE it when the planets collide! I've posted on here about the exact same thing ... The music that comes on your iPod at EXACTLY the right time. Love it. Here's to many more runs like that - for us all!

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