Highs and lows (mostly high)

W8R2 this morning, it went really well. I thought I had made a massive leap, I noticed that 15 minutes into my run I'd already covered 2 miles, so I thought I'd push for 3.2 miles, which I seem to remember someone saying is just over 5K. As Laura announced the last 60 seconds, I was on 3.1 miles, so I paused the iPod until it got to almost 3.2 and then finished when she announced that was it. I was elated, 5K in 28 minutes! How did I do that, I thought to myself while I started my cool down walk.

Then it hit me. I didn't. There is no way I could have gone from 4K in 25 minutes to 5K in c29 minutes in the space of one day, when my pace was roughly the same as it had always been. Ah, of course, the distance included the warm up walk, which today was actually 10 minutes, DOH! What a numpty! Oh well. I was elated for a few minutes until I realised and in any case, when I checked my stats at home I had run for 4.5K so that bodes really well for my Twilight 5K Race for Life tomorrow evening.

I guess I probably shouldn't have run today, as I won't have a day of rest in between, but I really wanted to check that the first 28 minute run hadn't just been a total fluke. Now I know that I can do it and that there is a good chance I will run the whole 5K when I'm swept along by the atmosphere, as long as I do the first 15 minutes at my normal pace, so I don't wear myself out at the start.


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  • That's just great vixiej. You will get there and that speed will improve as you know it will. I used to track the whole podcast until w6r3 when I thought I wanted to get only what counts towards the 5k. Best of luck with the Race for Life but don't forget to give yourself a bit of a rest after that! Well done.

  • my problem is that if I don't hit start on my garmin when I set off, I will forget to do it when I switch from walking to running. I know it seems like such an easy thing, but I just drift off, so I have it going from the start. Next time I'll notice the distance and time when I start running ;-) Looking forward to some rest, but have to do some serious training for the Prince's Trust Palace to Palace 45 mile cycle ride which is next weekend, gulp!

  • What a star! You wil enjoy your Twilight Run tonight, I'm sure. It's disappointing when you think you've done an epic run but miscalculated ( I do that constantly with timings -" wow, I must've run for 40 minutes"..oh, actually only 24 or whatever!)

    4.5k in 28 mins is very impressive, you must be fast!

    Looking forward to hearing how tonight's run goes.... Good luck!

  • I'm glad I'm not alone in my miscalculations, thanks Soozz :-)

  • Best of luck with your run tonight vixiej

  • Good luck with the Twilight Run, hope it goes well :)

  • Cute blog!! :-) Congratulations to you for signing up for a 5K. I hope it goes well, it sounds fun! I think you then need a day of rest! :-)

  • Vixie, are you going to wear some of that new running gear to the 5K? You know, it will make you run faster and jump higher! :-)

  • Thank you everyone, it went very well, I did it :-D

    I didn't wear the new running gear, I was tempted, but I didn't want to overheat and have an excuse to not do it, so I stuck with regular capri pants and a vest t-shirt, although that was new, as it was a 'Race for life' vest.

    I am soooooo tired now :-)

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