Week 9 (!!!) Run 1 How did I get here? 53 yr old non-runner runs 2 miles!

Thanks to thistime, for pushing me out of the door today. That was probably my best run yet - the first 5 minutes I pretended I wasn't going for a long run, and it was surprisingly effective! (5-10 was still a bit hard, with the thought of how much there was still left - but it was the thoughts, not the legs, that were the issue).

At 15 minutes I got to the path-wide muddy puddle, so hitched up my trouser legs and splashed through - so wet socks for the second half of the run, which isn't too pleasant, but didn't really bother me once the wetness had warmed up a bit (uck!)

I passed two faster runners going the other way, who both smiled back.

Pace was just a shade faster, 6.2kph - but it felt easier too, which is great, even the fairly steep hilly bit near the end. And I kept going at the end until I got to my house, so ran for 35 minutes - 3.6km, 2.2 miles. My previous furthest distance was 1.8 miles, so that's the first time in my life that I've run over 2 miles. I'm so pleased with myself! 5k gradually gets more attainable-looking!


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27 Replies

  • Congratulations on starting W9, you'll have your graduate badge before you know it! Think your initial comment about pretending it was a short run shows the power of the mind over the body, all I have to do now is convince mine that I can actually run :-D Well done you!!!!

  • Wow, W9R1- so nearly there! Glad it went well. Just think, by this time next week you'll be a graduate!

  • Congratulations on getting to week 9. Very inspiring for me as I'm also a 53 year old non-runner, on week 4 now. I find it so interesting how we can "pretend" we're doing one thing when on another level we of course know differently. It's working for me also so far, thanks to posts like yours and others who've said to stick with the progarm and your body can to it, it's all in your mind now.

  • Sometimes I think of myself as a runner (even in week 1 - thanks to Gayle I think!) and sometimes still as a non-runner, but I have to admit the 'I am a runner' idea is gradually sinking in! Despite the title of this blog (which I suppose I chose to encourage others - so I'm glad it worked!)

  • Fantastic. I look forward to seeing your green badge in a week's time

  • Bet I'm not the only one wondering whether I can live up to it though... Still, got to get it first! Onward and upward. :)

  • Congratulations!

    loved the image of slowly warming wet socks :D

  • Grad Week and one run down - woo hoo!! :) Very well done greenlegs and for pushing yourself that little bit more. Great feeling isn't it when you get a PB :D Just two more to go.....!


  • Fantastic greenlegs you are so close to the end now well done, from a 52 year old non-runner :-)

    I am still looking out for you on the horizon, did week 8 run 3 today so will be joining you in week 9 soon.

  • Brilliant stuff Greeners! You're three runs ahead of me now as I was at a function last night, a bit ironic then that it left me completely unable to function this morning, so my Week 8 run 2 will probably be on Monday now.

    Your badge awaits....

  • Sounds like you had a great time, I love puddles, only two runs to go and then a lovely green badge delivery :-)

  • Thanks all! :)

  • Ooooooooo just seen this! Fantastic news Greeners, I hope your socks are not wool!

    Greenlegs and the green badge, ran into history......I cannot wait!

    All the best


  • No, my socks were just wet!

  • Happy and sad to see you approaching graduation while I'm still in Week 7. Have you got any plans for what to do next?

  • I think we started about the same week didn't we? But I haven't moved house and job - quite a significant disruption I'd imagine! You're very nearly there now though.

    I've downloaded the c25k+ podcasts, so I don't risk just stopping from not being prepared, and I think I'll probably alternate between runs to push up my pace and longer slower runs so I can run 5k. No particular times I'm aiming for though, but I'd like to feel I'd got the stamina and pace to enter my local parkrun. It's got a whopping big hill in the middle, but there's a very similar hill close to my house, so I'll probably do a bit of hill work (look at me with my technical terms!) Bet that will be tough! It's pretty steep!

  • 2.2 miles is well over the hump to 5K- just .9 to go! Hmm, if you add just .1-.2 mi per run or 30 seconds maybe, you will be there in a couple of weeks. Incredible!

    I find the same issues with the first 5-10 minutes and it is just a head game for sure. Want that to go AWAY so the whole thing is enjoyable. Someday.

  • Well done Greenlegs, it's such a great feeling to be able to run for 30minutes and you did it in style by running 35! It's a great achievement, graduation is calling :)

    Tricia x

  • Nearly there! You're doing brilliantly, and you'll have that badge very soon :D

  • Lovely blog! That's fantastic news that even at this stage of longer and more challenging runs you are getting pb's!! Awesome.....go girl :)

  • Wow Greenlegs well done you! It's great to get to week 9 isn't it? You know you're going to graduate and it's a marvelous achievement :-)

    I ordered myself a couch to 5K graduate running shirt to celebrate my achievement. It's not arrived yet because I ordered an orange one to match my Nike trainers. I've just received an email to say that my order has now been dispatched, I'm so excited, I can't wait to go out running in it.

    Happy Running!

  • Thank you everyone - lovely to be cheered on! :)

  • go greenlegs go!!

    Not sure about the wet socks though - I always imagine you - running in green tights and a yellow cape billowing out behind (in a super heroine type way) :-)

  • Hilarious! Not *quite* how I look, but it sounds good! Must go and buy myself a new outfit. Now where will I find a yellow cape...

  • He he! Do you like my little cape!

  • GRADUATE BADGE BY THE END OF THE WEEK! what awesome motivation that must be. :)

  • Well done Greenlegs ... you've inspired me to keep going last week, so really pleased you are nearly graduated :)

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