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5x50 Day 25

Woohoo! Half way through the challenge! I ran 7.77 km today following the 5K+ Stamina podcast (35mins), plus continuing on for another 15 minutes running to my own music. This was a tough run and I felt like I'd done a proper workout at the end. But it is all good training for running 10K eventually. The stats on Runkeeper show I managed an average of 6:19 mins /km which I'm happy with.

For the first time since starting C25K I got a little knee pain after about 30 minutes running. This slowed me done a little for the last stretch running through the village - except for each time I met/passed someone, I had to put on a wee spurt of speed! As soon as I stopped running the knee was fine, even during the 1.2 km uphill walk home. It's been fine since.

I may try another wee walk later, as the sun is shining and going out with my camera sounds better than any of the jobs I should be doing here!

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Wow! Well done! I felt like I needed a little lie down just from reading that!!


you have all my admiration swanscot xox


Great going Swanscot, there is no way I could have kept going for another 15 minutes after 'Stamina' - well done you for more than meeting the challenge.


After falling in the mud yesterday I stuck to the gym.

After getting a quick 5k in on the bike I went on the cross trainer, bloody hell, that's much harder than running. I was on long enough to run 2.5k and managed nearly 1.

I'm not quite sure how it measures distance, I didn't much care for it though.

I wish I was able to get out during the day, soon it will be dark before I leave work.


I started off on the cross trainer this morning and after 33 minutes had only achieved 4k! Hard work! So then went and did 16k on the gym bike. I like the fact that I feel I work harder on the cross trainer but distance wise find it very frustrating.

Half way mark....well done fellow 5x50ers!


I have total admiration for what you are doing!


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