2 miles in 25 minutes ..not olympic, but for me epic ;)

W7R3 completed ... cannot believe it I may not be near the 5K distance, but I am running for 25 minutes and have now done it 4 times so it is not just a fluke.Mind you I can nearly walk that in the same time :(

Now just got to work out how to add another 3 minutes to the run for next week.

Happy running everyone ;)


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9 Replies

  • Well done amsjo. That's huge. I did 30 mins non-stop for the first time today, covered 2.25 miles. So no records broken by me either, but pretty chuffed anyway :-)

  • Well done Egs.. how was 30 mins? know I am only 5 minutes off it but got to get my head round that one:) ... so not long till your graduation? Perhaps tea in Tewkesbury to celebrate?!

  • Tea in Tewkesbury sounds like a good idea :-)

  • Well done! Don't worry about the 5k, that will come in time; it's great you're already at 25 minutes, the next couple of weeks will fly by, and those extra minutes will be simple! :-)

  • Does feel I only just make it around the 25 minutes, so will just have to keep going for the next stage :)

  • No, you'll be fine, honestly. It's as though your body realises 'ah, that's what you want - okay!' for the extra 3 minutes. It doesn't matter if you think you are slow, speeding up can come later and you're out there doing it, that's the thing. You'll be sporting that shiny green badge sooner than you know it :)

  • Congrats.

    Just remember to celebrate your achievements before reaching for the next goal.

  • Don't you worry you are doing just fine! 25 mins is an awful long time to be doing something that almost killed us all off in the beginning! You may be slower than some but you are also faster than others. I know lots of people who would love to have your courage and drive to keep going when something is not easy or does not come naturally but they either do not make it off the sofa or give up. I am slow too and have just done a 10k, I did get a bit quicker eventually but not much. I'm hoping to do a half in October and if time can keep ticking I can keep running! You will make the extra mins and then over time it might even become more comfortable and pleasurable ;)

  • Thank you .. that was put so lovely .. made me feel good about it ;)

    Hope the half marathon goes well

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