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First 25 minute run & I loved it :)

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I said to myself " You've run for twenty minutes - this is only five minutes more, so just get on with it!) and so I did, my pace and breathing were fine with very little in the way of aches and pains - so far so good ;)

I can't say that the minutes "flew" by but it didn't seem to drag on either - a good variety of music helps - I find.

When I increased my pace for the last minute or so (to the Bee Gees "Staying Alive") I was pleasantly surprised at how easy that was, come the end of the run - I felt that I still had plenty left in the tank - bodes well.

Stats for the running/jogging session are...

3.70 Km in 25.07 minutes with an average speed of 8.82 that good or bad?

Really looking forward to Thursday's run.

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Hi Feegle we always say don't do comparisons because we all start off from a different place, be it fitness, weight, lung capacity etc... so if you take it as recorded you are not far off doing 5kms in 30 minutes. Cos you have just done about 4.5 kms in 30. That's good I would say! Pre graduation very good

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Point taken, I'll go sit in the corner now :(




That's long enough in the corner......go to go running later ;)

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Wasn't a telling off... just sayin' it's hard to tell but you did great, really truly great.

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Not a problem, it's nice to use stats to know where you stand though, if I can now use these stats to improve even a little bit - I'll be happy :)

I think that truly great is an exaggeration, I'll settle for "It was a good run"

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Well done, use the stats as your benchmark for next run. Like your comments about music so I’m off to download some good music for my next run to help me get over my “stickiness” on week 7 😬

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FeegleGraduate in reply to jaxxmal2

Thanks, yep, the music certainly does help at the moment, it'll be strange to run without it and Sarah Millican.

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Wooo hoo! Well done! I've just done W7 R1, so my second 25 minutes and that wasn't too bad either. I'm running at about the same pace as you although other people on here have said to not focus on your speed as it's more about your strength and stamina at this point. Once I've graduated I'll be working on getting 5K in under 30 minutes and then it's time to work towards 10k....we shall see! Here's to 28 minutes then...and then 30...eeeeek!

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FeegleGraduate in reply to hilsry

Again, thanks :)

The stats were only there to provide me with some sort of benchmark, which they now have done, did feel good to pick up the pace and stride out.

Hope your 25 minute and upward runs go well!

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Speed is irrelevant... the run is the thing.. well done you. Slow and steady as you go onwards:)

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Hi. I've just done the same run tonight and I think it can be a little overwhelming with stats from running apps. I'm thinking it's good to know how far etc but I've set myself a more open goal. Get to 5k and do a park run 😁

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It's all good because you're doing it! 😄

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