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First Sweatshop running club 5K aka 2x5K's in three days!!!

Me - in a running club?

I think I might be being delusional, apart from the fact that tonight my husband and son both decided to come and join me for our very first Sweatshop running club run. They were both in the intermediate group - son coming in first at 27 minutes for his 5K run, hubby came in towards the end of the group and me...... well..... I came in last in the beginners group :(.

Part of me felt utter humiliation as the rest of the beginners disappeared, doubled back round, overtook me and hoofed off into the distance again. I was appointed a running buddy and another newbie, who still both ran faster than me but needed to stop more often- - talk about hare and tortoise!!! It was here that the mental battle kicked in, part of me wanted to slink off tail between my legs and cry,because I couldn't keep up and I so nearly did just throw in the towel and go and wait in the car. The other bloody minded bit of me said ' no, you CAN do this, just keep going' which is what I did. Ten weeks ago I couldn't run for a minute so to even be attempting running in a running group was a miracle...This was a follow up to my first 5K run off road around my favourite local route on Sunday, so maybe following a second 5K a day after my first was a bit too much for my poor old bod, which is in a permanent state of shock these days!!..

They were all really supportive at the Sweatshop though, and the group leader came and ran with me for the last 1/2 K really pushing me and encouraging me to lengthen my stride, telling me I was doing really well and that it was all in the mind and about over coming mental barriers - which is what our Laura is always saying.

Absolutely knackered now, and about to collapse in front of the telly with a rum and coke!!!:

I have pushed myself through so many mental barriers these past ten weeks - made myself really face up to things I have never have had the courage to push through in the past, (especially body image and body confidence) and still having to push myself through, but it is so empowering and amazing for your self esteem.

Just thought I would share my last two runs with you and say to everyone - KEEP GOING ... if I can do it at 50 years old and overweight with a dodgy hip, then I am sure all you lovelies can too. Happy running. Big yawns and goodnight

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Wow, well done! Enjoy that rum & coke - it's well earned!


What a brave blog Ginthestring - I was rooting for you so hard by the end of it! Well done on digging deep and finishing the run; it sounds like the club was really supportive. I hope the whole experience hasn't put you off getting out there again.

(I was beaten in my first parkrun the other week by a nine year old lad - he took me by 4 seconds despite my best efforts to show him a clean pair of heels...I just had to be philosophical about it!)



Well done for even attempting a 5k never mind finishing it, enjoy your drink you deserve it!


Fantastic, Ginthestring - you did it! What an inspiration, and as CaroleC said the club sounds great.


That is amazing! You are a star! JUst you keep going. you deserve that rum and coke. you really do!


Did I read that correctly, 10K in two days? Are you mad? That is awesome, you should be incredibly proud of yourself!!! Even if I misread it, 5K is a great achievement. Speed can come later and, as you said, 10 weeks ago you couldn't run for a minute. It sounds like you were really tired and yet you dragged out every ounce of energy, well done!

Hope you enjoyed the rum and coke :-)


thanks so much for your support everyone. And yes 10 k in 3 days. i think i might be mad!!! The club was great and yes i will be going back. may dedicate the next 2 runs to increasing speed... because i can do it - i was pushed to do it this evening and i am determined to go back next week and be better. Thanks again xx


Fantastic post, Ginthestring!! I have to agree with the others, it sounds like you have found a very supportive group who will insure that you succeed!! Hmmmmm, 10K in three days...I think that that is a pretty good definition of SUCCESS!! Keep are doing it!!


As another (almost) 50 year old, 80 kg woman with a dodgy hip, mother of a teenager who walks at the pace that I run, recently beaten by a 14 year old (have you seen how fast they are?) who is passed by everyone at my (not running but involves running) club, could I say well done?

Even if you went 'slower' you were doing far better than the person who walked and ran. Also, respect to the coach who ran with you. I find it really touching when the people at my club hold back to go at my pace and run along side me.


From one 50 year old to another - very well done, thats brilliant!!

I too would like to join my local Sweatshop run club after work which runs in Regents Park and I know they have a good reputation for helping new runners out. I will wait though until I am confident that I can run for 30 mins before attempting it; I'm at W6 so not far to go!


Thanks for the post - I have been toying with joining my local Sweatshop beginners club - but have been too scared. Think I'll give it a go next week, when I start week 8, I know I'll be last as I shuffle more than run!


It is scary, and I know that I will have a bit of an internal argument next week about going back ... but if they are as supportive as my local club one you should be fine.

My hubbie and son are both aching - more than me. Ha, at least that's something!!!


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