Sweatshop Running Club - First attempt done!

Was a bit apprehensive but determined to give it a go. I knew I'd be last and made them aware before we started that I'd be slow but they said it wasn't a problem, someone would run at the back with me. They were very welcoming and I had a really nice girl running and chatting with me all the way round. The route was a bit longer then their normal one, almost 6k, and there was a few stops waiting for lights to change, dodging tourists etc. (the run was in London, over Tower Bridge and round the City).

Will definitely go again and hopefully improve.

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  • Niiice! Where in London does it start? I'm not too far from there and wouldn't mind having a go at a Sweatshop run. There's none local to where I am and I can't think of a better city to run around than London!

  • It starts at their shop in a gym near Cannon Street station but there's a new one just opened in Trump Street. I also thought of trying one near Tottenham Court Road tube station - I think they run up to Regents Park. Once you register you can run with any of them.

  • Well done! It takes a lot to go out with a club, I really admire that!

  • Fab! Good to hear you enjoyed the run with w running club. Sounds a great route.

  • Well done rosn, I'm impressed! I am near to the Tottenham Court Rd store and have asked about their runs which are on Tuesdays and Thursdays I think and yes they do go towards Regents Park but in the darker evenings I think they vary it. It is a good way to do an evening run with other people though so may get round to it one day.....


  • Very, very well done! Delia

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