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Sweatshop Running Club

Decided to register for a Sweatshop Running Club with the intention of doing a 5k run tomorrow evening. They have said it's suitable for all abilities but I'm still worried I'll be too slow. There will be someone running at the back with the slowest runner (i.e. me!) but I don't want to hold people back. I've been struggling a bit in the last couple of weeks with sore rib muscles but managed a 5k earlier in the week in 37 minutes, even with having to walk a couple of times.

Anyone else been on these? I decided to put it in a blog so that I'll be less likely to find an excuse to back out:-)

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Go for it! Other's have joined the sweatshop running club (i didnt as mine wasnot local enough) and have said it's good. I think youl'll be absolutely fine but if you are still worried why not give them a call and tell them what you can do and ask if you'll be fine joining the club (that's what I did with my local running club and gave me the confidence to turn up the first time). I really encourage you to give it a go as joining a club was the best thing I did. Goood luck and let us know what you decide :)


As AliB1 says, just go for it. I don't have a Sweatshop near me either but joining a running club was a great help for me, you'll probably find you naturally manage to run that little bit further with a group and most people are very encouraging and supportive. Let us know how you get on.


They say "no-one gets left behind" so think I'll just trust them and go for it. Hoping that I'll push a little bit more and it will be good for me. Will let you know how it goes.


OK I did the same last week (Windsor) . I'm a graduate with 6 x 30 minute runs under my belt. I was out of my depth after about a minute - no exaggeration. All abilities is not accurate! Everyone apart from me was advanced and very fast! Yes no one gets left behind but it was very embarresing running the entire 5K on my own plus the back runner. No one else was even in sight. Maybe you will be luckier but I'm not going back.

I suspect newbies do go but give up like me because there is not enough at that level.

On the plus side the run leaders were very welcoming and encouraging but that didn't make up for the embarresment

I know this forum is supposed to be encouraging but I wish someone had been more honest with me before I went!


Hi Skandia

Did post a separate blog but thought I'd reply to you. I WAS last, by a long way, but not made to feel embarassed at all. At the first set of lights, the main group got across but myself and the back marker didn't make it and stood watching as they disappeared at quite a rate. I was told to take things at my own pace, which we did, and covered 5.83km in 45 minutes, which included stops for lights, dodging people etc. etc. so not bad for a total newbie (53 yr old). I did feel a bit bad keeping the back marker behind, but if this was a problem and it wasn't meant for all abilities they would say so. Everyone has to start somewhere. Hope you'll give it another try. I certainly will.


Just had a look at the website, none in Bolton unfortunately, they look really good though, some specify that they are aimed at beginners, I like the rewards! Give it a go! I wouldn't be embarrassed as long as they're encouraging. Good luck!


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