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Feet and shoes working against me!!

W7 and I just don't seem to be able to break the 25 minute run .I can run up to 20 mins then I'm getting 2 lovely blisters on each of my insteps and once i feel them it all goes to rats. I've got double thickness running socks on and have ordered some More Mile socks to see it they make a difference but i'm beginning to think i'll never be able to run for more than 20 mins.

Popped into Sweatshop today and they've suggested Gait Analysis next time i'm in there as it my be trainers, WHY has it had to get difficult just when i was enjoying myself!!

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Oh dear. Try putting on Compeed blister plasters before you run.


Sorry to hear you're having foot troubles. Definitely go for gait analysis if you can, it really helped me. And try and rest if you can so those blisters have a chance to heal. Good luck; you know you'll get there!


Hang in there, 7ermintrude!! I know that it is incredibly discouraging, but I'm sure that this will just be a temporary set-back! You have come so far and I am sure that you will be able to finish. I know that having our stride analyzed and getting the proper shoes was a fantastic decision for gdeann and I. We all have different "quirks" to our running and getting the proper shoe to compensate for these "quirks" can make an incredible difference!! Good luck...it will work out!!


Hi I used to suffer from enormous blisters/complete loss of skin (!) on each instep: agony. I was told I 'pronate' ie flat footed and recommended asics trainers. Trainers make all the difference so def get them checked out. In my experience no amount of jiggling with sock combinations will correct the wrong trainers. :)


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