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What's happening to me?!


I'm on holiday, it's a Sunday and I've been out and ran for 25 mins and I'm back all before 8am! This just isn't like me at all!!! Just completed Week 7 Run 1 - found it tough and almost gave up but persevered. i always find the first 5 mins tough mentally and have to banish the 'I'm not going to be able to do this' thoughts.

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Well done @npr70, I did that one yesterday but at ten am after a long lie. Still aching today!!!

npr70Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks 😀. I'm impressed that you run in hilly Perthshire - I find the flattest route I can!

Hidden in reply to npr70

Me too! Mainly I run in the streets in the village as once you leave there are hills!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Get those strength and flex exercises done.. it will help the aches and pains !:)

Well done. That is what running does to you. Life changing :-)


The Martians have come in the middle of the night - body snatchers - and stolen your body and replaced it with another. You look much the same as you used to - but everybody you know , knows that the old you has been taken !!! :)

npr70Graduate in reply to Bazza1234

😂😂😂 so true! My family do look at me like I'm an alien when I say I'm off for a run!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bazza1234

Love it! :) They took mine a while back :)


You've become a runner, that's what's happened! Good on you and we'll done. Week seven is brilliant isn't it :)


The first five to ten minutes can be hard.. just slow, and steady and you will be fine.

Well done you... it is so great to be up and running early! I love it :) Love Sunday runs the most.. :)

I am sorry to say, though, what is wrong with you, is you are totally hooked.. :) You are a runner...like it or not..and isn't it amazing!!!!

W7R1 is quite a challenge - head wise. Now you've done it, barring injury, the rest will just follow.

As others say slow and steady


Never give up on a run, unless you injure yourself that is. A run can nearly always be salvaged by taking a walk break - which gives you time for your breathing to return to normal - then you push on again.


Well done for telling those gremlins where to go! The programme does change us for the better- it's amazing, isn't it?! :)

It's so strange, isn't it? I'm getting up before 7 every day now, even on the days I'm not running, having got myself into the routine - I'd never have imagined myself doing so voluntarily!

Well done.

I'm told it gets easier.

I find the hot humid days seem to make it tougher, though I love being out in the Sun running so I still go out! 8-)

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