Well bugger me, only went and done it !!

Well bugger me, only went and done it !!

So after a 7 day break finally managed to get Run 3 of week 5 done.

Not been able to get out since last sat due to work and a poorly bambino.

Well no work and little boy on the mend had no excuses to get it done.

Pulled on my runners, music on and the lovely Jo Wiley in my ears off I set.

20 Mins at the beginning seemed like an impossible task... but the 5 minute time checks from Jo seemed to fly past... 15 mins down and was starting to feel it in my legs but thought I had gone this far it’s only another 5 mins. Pushed on and finally got to the 20 mins, can’t believe I actually managed it... must admit though my legs felt like they were on loan from someone else by the end... very wobbly!!

So chuffed I managed to get it done, definitely a mental barrier to get over!

Happy with my time for the run, if I can keep the pace over the 30 mins in a couple of weeks should be close to the 5 k.


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18 Replies

  • Smoooooth!

  • Thanks googleme

  • Well done... :) Glad small one is better too :)

  • Thanks oldfloss... my little bubba-bear 😂 is back to normal ... wrecking the house !!

  • Great work Tony😊...

    Glad your little boy is getting better too..😊x

    Keep going.. onwards and upwards ..

  • Thanks Jan.... he is much better thank... first time dad and panic every time he’s ill! Bless him ❤️

  • That's fab! Well done- sometimes those runs after a larger number of rest days feel the best.

    Glad the 'wee fella' is mending. 😄

  • Thanks Elfe5, he is much better thank God, back to running around and terrorising the cats !!

  • A great run to get under your belt, your 1st "big run" and a massive confidence booster

  • It certainly was, mental barrier smashed down, now on with the rest of the program !

  • Well done Tony! I had a break of 6 days due to feeling pants, has a minor blip and had to walk off a stitch for 60 seconds after 19 minutes of the 25 minute run on Wk6Run3, but added an extra couple of minutes on at the end to redeem myself 😉 I was amazed that my legs still felt ok after such a long break! We'll get there, and be graduates before we know it 😀🏃

  • P.S good to hear your lil man is ok, it's awful when they are poorly x

  • Thanks Snodi... I hate seeing him poorly, he is such a happy, smiley little chap... it breaks my heart 💔

  • It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, breathing is pretty much sorted out at that pace now, just jelly legs when I stopped running.. guess time and stamina will improve that. You are motoring ahead through the weeks now.. you have some good long runs over the next few weeks

  • Brilliant...this run is a proper achievement..it took me three attempts, but not you, you nailed it in style!! Good for you...not much longer now eh??

  • Haha.. style is not the word I would use lol 😝 totally got my layers wrong again a was a sweating middle aged man running around the local park in a compression t-shirt with TWO !!! Long sleeve tops tied round his waist... 7deg ... everyone else was wearing coats and scarves... I managed it okay.. aching a bit tonight but think that’s because of the break...

  • When I set off now I just have a long sleeved top on (& some pants obvs!!) I always feel frozen while I’m warming up but once I start running, phew, I’m not cold for long!! Aching’s fine, the sign of hard work 😉

  • Nicely done, and a nice pace too. Well done you, running towards home now with a medal firmly in your sights

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