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Should be starting Week 9 but instead I'm feeling sorry for myself!

I was on course to start week 9 today. But I've been suddenly ill & I feel like absolute rubbish. So once the kids are in bed I'll be following to get some rest rather than getting out there as I have been planning to.

I feel gutted. I'm so close to the end as progress has been good so far. I wonder if I should go back a few runs when I feel up to it or just go for the Week 9 runs.

I've signed up for a 5k race in 3 weeks so I really don't have time to waste.

No reason for this post other than to feel a bit sorry for my self! Sorry.

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Just wait until you're better and carry on where you left off. The rest will have done you good. Take care and rest up. You will be fine!


Oh no RR what a shame, and on graduation week too. Don’t worry about the running part, get yourself better then resume where you left off. You’ve built up some good running in your legs now, and you won’t lose much fitness in a week or two. No point running feeling under par.

The podium still awaits you and it’s not going anywhere!

Feel better fast! 😀


You should be fine to resume when you’re feeling better... you don’t lose fitness in the first couple of weeks of not running.


It's okay to get ill. Just get back out when you feel better. Carry on where you left off.


Thanks for your replies. Just what I needed to hear! Feeling much better but going to take another days rest & just try picking up where I left off.

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