W6R3 done - I am officially a runner!

Well, I have completed W6 now - but my word, it was a slog! The canal towpath was hot and dusty and I felt a bit dizzy when I finally reached the marina, although I had taken care to drink plenty of water before I set out. My running pace is definitely slower than my walking pace - in fact, I suspect that there are glaciers in Greenland that travel faster than I do - but I did manage to keep my feet going in running stylee for the whole 25 minutes. Having the congratulations from Laura set the seal on things!

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  • Well done, Katie! You did it despite the heat!

    You post - the glacier tempo comparison - made me laugh out loud! But it doesn't matter how slowly we run, as long as we run. And it makes me happy to know I'm not the only one 🐌🐢🐘

    It's funny how much it means to hear Laura calling you a proper runner, isn't it? 

  • Hi Iben - thanks for your kind words. I may be slow, but I am also bloody-minded, and once I have decided to run then I will jolly well run until the time is up! 

    I know what you mean about the comment from Laura - it's like getting a pat on the head from the teacher!

  • That mindset will get you places👍

  • Well done - I did same run tonight and it was a struggle - up until the last 6 minutes or so when some 'lovely' young lads joined me telling me how to run - apparantly I was going too slow - they definately gave me the incentive to finish!!

  • I'm hoping that the 25mins will get easier with repetition in the coming week. I'll be thinking of you and my fellow sufferers as I pound on my weary way!

  • Well done, that first 25 minutes is an amazing feeling!

  • Fantastic Katie , and a massive Big Up for doing it in this weather :-)

    Well done, its an amazing feeling isn't it, its like its all coming together and you think to yourself " Yes , I can do this !!! "

    Don't worry about being " slow " Slow builds good running legs, slow and steady all the way :-)

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • You're doing really well! I missed Laura's ending comments as I always switched her off the minute I stopped running and started the cool down walk. It IS a good feeling, and you've earned it :o)

  • This may sound pathetically needy, but I was hanging on for Laura's final words as I struggled to the end of the run! Thank you for your kind words, too :-)

  • Ha! I don't know about YOU being pathetically needy, on my last run I felt like Laura had dumped me with her "goodbye and good luck"?? After I'd given her nine weeks of my life I at least expected her to turn up and cheer me over the finish line!!

  • Oh, you poor thing! I can fully sympathise with your abandonment issues on that subject.

    Are you doing the C25K+? Who does the voice-over for that?

  • It's ok, I'm over it ;o)

    I tried one of the spin offs ("speed"), and it was Laura again, but I struggled and the legend that is Rignold suggested I consolidate a bit, so I'm sticking to 30 minute runs for now.

    I do think there's potential to have a bit of fun with the podcasts, like you can get celebs doing sat nav voices? I can imagine Michael McIntyre or someone having a field day with C25k...

  • I tried the app version of C25K, with Sarah Millican doing the voice-over, but she sounded quite serious - not her normal chirpy self at all. 

  • Really? Damn I was just going to patent that idea, I didn't know it already existed!

    Cannot imagine Sarah M and her "cake-shelf" on a running app somehow :o)

  • I have to say that she didn't seem to be enjoying the world of cake-free physical effort!

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