Pain in right hip still, should I run or rest some more???

I still have a slight pain in my right hip, normally I would just run through something like this but having been so badly crippled with sciatica in the same hip joint in January I have to be honest and say I'm a bit of a scardy cat. I've not run since Wednesday now and its driving me crackers not getting out there, its a nice day here today too. Its not sciatica that I have I'm sure but should I risk a run later this afternoon?


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7 Replies

  • When did your hip start hurting? Was it on the last run? If the running has brought the pain on then running at the moment might make it worse?

  • No I can't say I was aware of it while running at any time. I've been taking anti-inflamatory on and off all week too. Also used a spray on the hip, but the pain is realy deep in the hip socket, not there all the time just a twinge now and again. Old age again I expect ;)

  • Oh no, that's not good. Can you get to a sports masseur?

  • Reading between the lines in your post I think you know that you should rest and I think you are right. If you feel the need for exercise why not hit the pool?

  • Thanks guys, I've had another easy day and will try a gentle run tomorrow maybe. If its not right I'll need to toddle off to see the doctor just in case its sciatica starting to flare again.

  • Hiya Oldgirl (I really dont like calling you this !!) I too had pain in my right hip it was like a little mouse gnawing away all the time, and I ended up going to my chiropractor who told me my pelvis was tilted (this happens to me from time to time) anyway she manipulated me a couple of times and the pain has disappeared totally, I was having massages but as my pelvis was tilted the massages did nothing for it but the chiro did, so maybe you should visit your chiro guy...Oh by the way ran my first run for Week 3 this morning and completed it, was a bit harder than last two weeks but has to be expected I suppose, ate lots of rubbish last night was not going to but caved in....have to get back into my good eating habits again as I want to feel better about going for my runs 2&3 this week. I find that what I eat the night before affects my running the next morning dramatically. Well I hope you find the solution to your hip its not fun xx

  • Many thanks pinkus, I had an easy run this morning and although I can feel my hip its more of a niggle now than pain. Have taken 2 Ibuprofen which I don't like taking but I just don't want this to flare up to full blown sciatica like the last time. So fingers crossed.

    Well done on starting week 3, when you've had a run and come home and are feeling hungry the chances are you are dehydrated, so have a good long drink of water or dilute juice even a cup of herbal/fruit tea, that will stave off the hunger pangs and will do your body more good.

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