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Niggling pain in left hip

Morning all,

Please can I have some advice. I am up to W5 R2 (tomorrow morning) and I am pleased to say all is going really well BUT I have had a niggling pain in my left hip for about 2 weeks now. Fortunately It's not what you call painful but

I am aware of it and after a run it is more noticeable.

Can anyone offer any insight or advice??

Also on another completely different note, how do you find the icons on this site???

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It could be any number of things, but if it continues, I would have your alignment checked by either a sport physio or a podiatrist. A slight imbalance can cause all sorts of issues.

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Hi John, thank you for your reply, I will bear it in mind if it gets worse. I really hope not as sooo want to graduate on time!

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Oh no - I really feel for you.

I had a similar thing a couple of years ago, which got worse - so much so I had to stop running and walking was painful at times.

Eventually, I went to a physio and was told it was ITBS. I was given some exercises to help strengthen the area. They may help you. They were things like side leg raises, bridge, leg lifts.

This link shows some - but the best one for me was the 'pretzel'. I do it every day and I think it really helps with tightness associated with a desk job/sitting.

I hope your pain subsides soon!


Hi Sarah, thank you for your response and info. Could I please ask you to resend the link as it does not appear to have arrived!

thanks again


Ooops - sorry.

I can try to find my physio exercise sheets if you'd like? They are just generic exercises to strengthen the area rather than a prescription especially for me.


Hi Sarah,

These are great thank you, just been on the website and printed them off. Actually quite excited to see pigeon pose on there, I used to love that one when back in the day I did yoga! I will try these first and see if any improvement and if not will take Johns advice and go and see someone.


Hi Deb, I had some niggly hip/ITB pain when I started upping my distances a year or two ago - it was all to do with weaker glutes on that side which caused my knee to roll in a bit when I ran. Running being so repetitive, it exacerbates any underlying weakness you have there. The thing that worked for me was strengthening exercises - particularly squats. But it's quite easy to do squats 'wrong', so ideally you need someone to show you the correct form to start you off. Meanwhile are you doing the Strength and Flex podcasts on your non-running days? They are helpful.


Thanks TurboTortoise (love the name), I am hearing the message that I must do a little more bending and stretching if I am to avoid injury!! All this is taken on board and will be actioned because I am totally determined to be call myself a runner by the end of week 9.

I was looking at the Strength and Flex yesterday and will start it in the next couple of days.

Thank you all again, cheers


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