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Man Flu' - 6 k - Air Guitar

It's the end of September and as usual my first bout of Man Flu' has struck! Now all the guys reading this will know all about Man Flu' and the girls well all I can say is be glad you are not a man! Well it wasn't really man flu' more a very heavy cold, well really only a runny nose and sneezing but enough to stop me running every other day!

After 4 days I was starting to get twitchy and keen to get out again. This morning the forecast heavy rain and strong wind had passed over sooner than it should so I sprang (well slouched) out of bed and got ready to set off.

I've been running a 5.02 k route in about 28 mins since week 7 run 1 and have just kept doing the same run for the rest of the 9 weeks. This was week 8 run 2 today and I was keen to add another loop onto the route to see how I was progressing.

After the initial discomfort I got into the rhythm and jogged onwards. I have moved away from Laura's music and have made up an eclectic running sound track of my own. I had got within sight of the finish when the track by Santana "She's not there" came on. Now those children of the 60/70's who know this track will understand my desire to play the old air guitar to the fantastic guitar solo towards the end of the track and I couldn't resist the urge. Jogging and playing air guitar are achievable, trust me, but only for a short time. I nearly ran into a road works sign and that brought me back to reality! If only for a few seconds It had diverted my thoughts from my sore legs.

I did it tho'. 6.15 k in 35 mins. I'm not sure what programme to do but I'm keen to move on towards a 10k, post couch25k, and this run shows that I'm moving in the right direction.

Keep on running. Its worth it!!

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Agreed! Man-flu is real not a figment of the male imagination: well not all the time. I had a very mild dose of same but continued with my Week 1/3 (yes a starter) and felt much much better having done so. So running can be a cure for the dreaded MF as well.


Man flu eh? You poor poor thing! You are super super fast. I'm still laughing at the thought of you running along playing air guitar and what the passers by must have thought not knowing you were listening to Santana. (Great track by the way!)


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