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Another 5 k (I think)

Have had 2 days rest - forced because of a business trip. I don't like running in strange areas (like to walk them first), especially in big cities which might have rough areas. So I only walked yesterday, although it was pretty cool in the centre of Berlin and the walk took me past some of the main sights, Brandenburger Tor, Bundestag etc, very beautiful in the pale spring sunshine. So I was looking forward to my run today and decided on the spur of the moment to try for a faster 5 k (which for me is under 35 mins). I started off too fast, which was partly deliberate and an attempt to see how I cope with it. Second km was a bit slower but still on target and 3 and 4 I picked up a bit again. The last one was - well I don't know. Towards the end I hauled my phone out, opened runkeeper, saw I was at 32 mins something with a 4 km something and the thing died on me. That's actually the third time that's happened. I carried on running for a while past the place I know is about 5 k and at home awakened my phone again. I was at 4.8 km at 32.53 mins, speed 6.50 per km. That WOULD have been under 35 mins.

Bloody phone! I obviously have to let runkeeper run to the end, use a different app or tracking method or ensure my phone is fully charged (it seems to happen when I only have about 33%).

Anyway the 5 km are "banked" in my legs, even if they're not recorded and I'm quite pleased with my time. I am amazed at my progress at this stage.

Might not be posting much next week as I'm on holiday in France and don't know what the wi-fi situation is like. Looking forward to some holiday running - and it's a bit warmer as well.

Happy running everybody!

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Firstly well done on your run.Sounds like a beautiful place

Secondly, I totally empathise with the technical hitches, I KEEP having so much trouble with my stuff! But, as you say our legs tell us how far we have run! :)

Thirdly, please may I come to France too:)

We go later this year and I cannot wait. Lucky you...:) Warmer..mmmmm :)

Please post and let me know what the running is/was like.. wi-fi is very hit and miss, obviously depending where you are, we usually are down South in the Dordogne and there are hot spots and flat spots..very flat spots...)having said that, I have sat in a field in the middle of France and booked a ferry home) :)

Have a lovely holiday... et profiter de votre course! :)


Haha charge the phone woman!

Well done for achieving what you set out to do though.

I think I go off too fast for the first k too, then pay for it a little later on.

Enjoy your holiday.



Is there an engineer among us?

We should try to find a system to recharge our phones while we run! :D

It is going to be the new frontier of clean, renewable energy!

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Like a hat with a solar panel on top? 😀


I was thinking more in the direction of piezoelectricity... with all those vibrations we should be able to power an entire household! :D

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Or a small wind turbine 😀

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The silly thing is I plug my phone in when I get home and 2 seconds later it's 33% charged. So it can't possibly have been empty. Very odd. But now I know!

I'll take you all to France with me (at least in my thoughts).

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Bummer about the phone! Well done on the run though - as you say, your legs know you did it :)

Happy running in France. It's a shame about not running in Berlin though. I always run when I am away - running tourism is a huge pleasure for me, and I've never yet felt uncomfortable running in an unknown city. I always ask at the hotel reception desk where to go, and I love looking back on my Garmin or Strava later to see where I've been :)


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