W6R3 - Summer lovin' had me a blast

Laura gave me one last chance to wimp out by suggesting if I found it hard I could repeat some of the previous runs, "Laura", I said, "I always find it hard honey but I refuse to go back, let's do it" - so we did.

We set off to the songs I've become familiar with this week and Laura kept dropping in to tell me inaccurate times and give me encouragement. Inaccurate times ? Well they probably weren't but when she said twelve and a half minutes I asked her to have another look, that felt like 15 to me.

Eventually we got to the last minute and she suggested that I could sprint, I'm afraid I swore at her, I won't repeat exactly what I said but it had to do with female dogs and fornication. But then, after 5 minutes where we didn't speak, she told me I was a runner and I thanked her for everything.

It's been a great summer Laura but I'm carrying on by myself now and you have lots of starters to encourage, you've got my number, text me ;-)


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19 Replies

  • Yay Chewy. Congratulations on completing week 6! Glad I'm not the only one who swears at Laura when she tells you to speed up. As if! But briliant stuff and I'm taking your lead and ditching the podcasts in favour of my own playlist. Hopefully some decent music will get me through a little easier. Well done and enjoy a celebration Sunday!

  • Thanks Fraz at the end of this day and some 11 hours since I ran I admit that I can still feel it but as they used to say, no pain, no gain.

  • Well done. I to have just completed wk6r3 and find it hard, have decided to load some more inspiring music on my ipod for my next runs in the hope it will make the run go quicker!

  • I think we all need a little inspiration when we've come this far, the forum is some and our music is more.

  • Brilliant Chewy - I did just the same and I'll let you into a secret - since last Monday, Laura and I are speaking again. She hasn't really changed but in a perverse kind of way I'm enjoying her company again. At one point on the stamina podcast today she said 'Just one more minute of this section left before we up the notch a bit'... That's supposed to be COMFORTING????????!!!! I laughed out loud. (Well it wasn't a laugh really because I didn't have enough breath left, it was kind of a loud pant...)

    Give it a few weeks now, do your own thing. You and Laura'll be back together again before you know it. :-)

  • I am going to miss Laura, I can't say it doesn't worry me but I realised today that it's our own attitude that will get us through and Laura is like the parent holding the bike when we first take that tentative ride. After week 6 I think we're riding.

  • We sure are. And when you get to 5K+, the really great thing is you can CHOOSE whether you go for a run with Laura, or do your own thing with your own music on any particular day. I've just done (and enjoyed) three Lauras behind each other to try them all out, now I've selected 2 and I'm going to alternate them along with 30 mins own music.

    Good luck in week 7!

  • Well done! Another swearer at Laura here! I am convinced she cheats with the timings. Has anybody checked?

  • Ridiculous as it is, I regret swearing at her afterwards but at the time it's very satisfying.

  • Love your blog Chewy; it did make me laugh! Well done though on sticking with it.

    I ran without Laura yesterday first time and though I got a bit muddled without her guiding me on times I did enjoy it. I will be back with her for a few more runs before leaving her again but she has got me this far so feel a bit mean really.....! Good luck for W7!

  • I'm glad you like it, I really enjoy writing about my running adventures. It sort of makes it more real to write about it, that sounds ridiculously pretentious doesn't it ? But there's some truth there.

  • And I love this blog of yours too, Chewy. Sad to hear you are leaving Laura behind, but I guess she doesn't suit everyone's taste in music nor does her 'coaching' do it for all c25k-ers. Not sure the times are inaccurate. Let us know how you get on with your own playlists (and your choice of music, out of interest). Good luck!

  • Thanks Janda. Her coaching is excellent and despite my complaints I genuinely couldn't have achieved a 25 minute run without Laura's encouragement. As I mentioned above, I just feel that from here on in it's really down to us to take the initiative and really Laura is just time keeping. So I'll forego her encouragement in return for my own musical taste.

  • You make me laugh Chewy! :-) I'm sure Laura will rebound quickly and snare a new runner or two. Congratulations on a great run! Look at you, moving on to week 7!!!!

  • I'm glad the blogss make you smile Gayle since that's a reward in itself. You're right, I doubt Laura will miss me. Week 7, I can hardly believe that myself. When I started I thought people in week 7 were gods, the gods of running. I could never have imagined a fat old bloke like me getting here.

  • Week 7...by your own definition YOU are a GOD OF RUNNING, now!! I have to agree with what the others have said, you do have a way of posting that encourages a few chuckles!! Keep Running, GOD OF RUNNING!!

  • Thanks Smhall, yes you're right, I'd not considered myself within my own definition. Can't say that I feel particularly godly so I'll settle for having got this far without dying.

  • Oh chewy you are a very funny man and a total inspiration! I'm just behind you after completing W6R2 yesterday and I have to confess it was my worst run yet I truthfully hated every single second which shocked me as I have not felt this way on any previous runs. I put it down to just a bad run and am trying to gear myself up for R3. Good luck for week 7, remember you ARE a runner now! Happy running x

  • Thank you Coco, if the nonsense I write inspires or simply makes people chuckle I'm happy. I wonder if we all need a bad run at some point during the programme, if it in facts helps us realise that what we're doing isn't easy ? I had a shocker in week 4 where I just couldn't finish so I had to do the run over. Touch wood, since then I've been ok.

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