Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...W7r1

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...W7r1

We've just spent a few days visiting Mr Rainbow's folks, so I made the most of the change of scenery to enjoy running somewhere nice and flat - and routes don't come much flatter than Southend seafront!

DD1 decided she also wanted to go for a run while we were there, so we kitted up and set off this afternoon as the sun was setting so she could do w1r1 and I could start week 7.

As we got to the seafront, it was time to start running for me - and as she finished her first 60s run she stopped and took the photo of the beautiful sunset.

Even though W6r3 went fine, I was still full of doubts as to whether I could manage this one today. The first few minutes were full of gremlins telling me I couldn't do it, but I ignored them and kept plodding on - getting caught up or overtaken by DD as her running is waaaay quicker than mine :D The next five minutes felt incredibly long, until I remembered that Laura doesn't do time checks every five minutes in this one! D'oh. But that meant I was nearly half way, and from half way it's only two and a half mins to ten minutes left, and I know I can do ten minutes. Oh the mind games!

Halfway came, and about a minute later DD reminded me we needed to turn round - oops! So we did, and headed back up along the seafront, still running to and fro to keep together. The high-fives every time we passed were a nice encouraging touch, and I definitely like having my own personal cheerleader with me ;)

Soon enough Laura announced the last five minutes, and just like last time I knew I could do it. DD was walk/jogging next to me for a bit, and I was very pleased to discover that I was indeed capable of a conversation! And then it was over. Happy happy me, and a nice walk home. 2.8 miles all in (including the walks), so knowing that I'm running over 2 miles is a real boost :)

On to run 2 before the end of the year...


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12 Replies

  • Oh that sounds a lovely run! I know what you mean about the mind games when running- I find myself trying to second guess where exactly Laura is going to say things!!

  • I'm trying to get out of the habit of counting my breaths too strictly, as then I get hung up on how long I've been running and how long there is to go, and usually in a negative way. But just occasionally it's a really useful thing and can help - especially those last five minutes which otherwise can last a very long time...!

    But yes, this one was lovely, and lots of distractions trying to keep track of DD1 in the dark!

  • Happy happy you! Love the mind games (I have different ones for each week)😂

    Your pic is gorgeous and I can imagine you high fiving as you passed each other. Lovely run. Enjoy number 2 :)

  • What a lovely way to spend an evening. Well done the pair of you.

  • Beautiful... on so many counts... a lovely place, a run with DD.. and a good distance! :)

    Plus... Flat!!! I love flat...if I get a chance to run anywhere falt whilst out in thetin-tent.. I go a bit crazy with excitement :)

    Lucky you.. run 2, here you come :)

  • I know - for a while I couldn't find my trainers so thought we wouldn't be able to go out, and I was so disappointed, mainly because of the chance to run FLAT!!!! Is it weird that I did miss my hills a bit though?

  • Tee hee... I think we get so used to our inclines...it often makes me smile when I run up things now that I barely crawled up before Graduation... :)

    Are you still there in Southend... ? It should be a run day for me, but, it is too icy currently.. beautiful day though! I have a day off Grammy duty today, so I think I may have to hit the cross trainer.. :)

  • No, we came home last night - through frost and mist, and a patch of actual fog as we got near home. There's a beautiful frost sparkling in the sunshine here this morning, which is half making me want to go out in it, and half making me very glad I ran yesterday. A dog walk later will be the best of both worlds :)

  • That sounds terrific! Great photo too!

  • I just enjoyed reading this! Yeah for cheerleaders & overcoming the imaginary gremlins:)

  • What a delightful photo, yes running on the flat is great, makes slogging up the hilly routes worth it because the flat parts seem easy (well easier!)

  • gorgeous...

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