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Finally got there at long last!!

I started this programme back in May and got to week 9 before tearing a calf muscle, that put me out of action for 6 weeks.

I went back a couple of weeks when I started again and I completed three 30 minute runs. This morning I ran 5k in just under 40 mins and I am so pleased. I cannot believe how far it is possible to come in just a few months. It was hard for me to read the blogs sometimes when I was injured because others were progressing and I was stuck, but this site is a wonderful resource. I have passed it to a couple of others who are also amazed at the progress they are making. Hi C & O if you are reading this !

For anyone that has had a setback, keep in touch with the blogs and get back at it when you are fit again.

What a great morning !


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Well done on sticking with it Emma and not giving up! I can really understand how frustrating it must have been for you after getting so far; I was delayed by only 4 days last week because of aches and pains and was itching to get back out so to be like that for 6 weeks must have been hell for you.... I'm glad you are better now and have achieved something truely great - congratulations!


That's great perseverance Emma, massive congratulations to you on your graduation. Having torn a calf muscle myself a couple of years ago, I know how painful it is and how long the recovery takes. An amazing accomplishment, you should be so proud :)


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