Graduated at last whoop whoop! Oh and a few tears!!

So I've gone and finished my final run and graduated today yee haa!! Its taken me a while- about 12 weeks due to work commitments some weeks when I could only do one or two runs and then a couple if weeks ago I hurt my back so had to take a week off and build up to 30 mins.

But I've done it - I can't believe it, there was a definite whoop. little round of appluase for myself and of course a bit of a cry on the walk home! Then when Laura said goodbye I cried again. Whats that all about!!

I would just like to say this programme has been fabulous and it has changed my life [ooh teary again!] When I get up in the morning now and look out of the window, I don't just think 'oh what a nice day', I think 'oh what a nice day for a run!'

I feel so much fitter, I can run upstairs now without dying at the top, I don't feel as stressed, my mood is more even, my skin looks better and my headaches have gone. I feel a real sense of achievement and I'm dead proud of myself!

I am almost evangelical about this plan, I can't stop telling people about it and already 2 of my friends have started it, and have said that I've inspired them which is quite nice!

And of course a big thank you to you guys, who I don't know personally but I feel we all are sharing something special. When things have gone well the support has been amazing, when things have gone a bit rubbish, you've taken the time to help and support me [ooh cries again!] this is totes the best forum ever!

So C25K+ it is then! xx

ps I know my name is Barney but that is after my cat, I am actually a girl - you may have guessed that from the teary bits!!

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  • Fantastic! Well done for your perseverance. I agree with all you have said about the plan and how it makes you feel.

    I am continually gob-smacked each time I go out that I, an overweight 50 year old exercise-phobe, have achieved so much!

  • I know, its madness! We should be so proud of ourselves! x

  • it is a bug. Download the c25k+ podcasts asap... On monday i did the stepping stones one, yesterday i did the speed one. The stamina one is planned for tomorrow, and the one i am dreading the most.

    If I get through the stamina one tomorrow, I reckon on sunday or monday I am going to go for the big one. I am going to go for 5K within 30 minutes.

  • I'm a man, i shed a tear when i graduated also!

  • Excellent!! x

  • Well done with all that you have achieved; congratulations on graduating. Let us know how the next few weeks go :)

  • Thank you so much, will do, I plan to do the next podcasts so will definitely still be around! Got some kind of addiction now anyway! x

  • Great stuff!

  • Thank you Oliverdad, feels really good!!

  • Woooo - well done!! Great feeling isn't it :D

    Best of luck with the C25K+ too.

  • Thank you - yep it does feel amazing. To say less than 3 months ago I could hardly run 60 seconds I cant quite believe where am I am now!

  • Congratulations and well done! Graduating is such a massive acheivement! While I didn't weep, I did do a little victory dance and the end. Not sure what the neighbours thought ;-)

  • Aww thanks pingle, isnt it lovely having that little green sign after your name!!

  • Great stuff. Congratulations!

  • Thanks Super_rach, and good luck with the plan x

  • Congratulations! What a lovely blog!

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