Week 8 Looming

Feeling a bit low. Really struggled with week 7. Think I've had a bug of some sort and feeling under the weather. Really didn't think I'd make it to the end of run 3 as my legs felt so heavy and it was like running through treacle. On the one hand felt pleased with myself that I made it to the end but then disappointed with the distance I covered.

Not sure when I'll do run 1 of week 8 as I've joined a gym and have my induction tomorrow. I'll see how that goes and decide whether to have a rest on Sunday. What has encouraged me has been looking at the old posts from people who were struggling at the same stage and seeing all the green "Graduate" beside their names! Gives me hope that I can do it too.


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8 Replies

  • I have got W7 R3 on Sunday just done R2. I try and focus on anything other then the run which seems to work for me. But if your a bit under the weather it must be loads harder. Just think W8 is only 3 mins more (i think) you will be able to do that no problem. You know Laura will be there and she has got us this far, even with all the cursing she has to put up with (or is that just from me) So have a rest tonight and good luck with W8 R1

  • Yes, just got to remember if I managed 25 minutes when I felt I'll, I'll be able to do 28 minutes (in theory!).

  • Finished week 7 this morning, and it was a struggle. Back to huffing and puffing and legs have had a small - but persistent ache all day. Going to try to do the first of w 8 on Sunday, so I can go a bit later in the day, and also going to try a different route to see if that helps. I'm sure that once I have got the first of the week behind me, I will get through the rest. Aiming to do first Parkrun next Saturday, so need to keep going! Good luck rosn123, if it was easy, we would feel cheated for all our efforts!

  • Thanks. Good luck with your Parkrun. I've got my barcode but think I've a bit to do before I'm ready for mine. In the one local to me the slowest person does it in under 35 minutes. Don't want to waste everyone's weekend waiting for me to finish :-)

  • W7R2 yesterday and i thought i was the only one who was struggling with this week.. heavy,tired,aching legs. Briefly thought about jacking it all in!! Instead of that i'm going to give it until Sunday then try run 3.. Good luck to everyone

  • 7ermintrude don't give up! You have got this far, why waste all that you have achieved so far for one tricky run??? Keep going. You can do it, especially if I can!

  • Welcome to week 8!! I am starting week 9 on Sunday and I continue to struggle each run. I have been frustrated also with my distance/pace etc. After a whining session, I have decided to not compare myself to anyone else and to look at the big picture. 8 weeks ago I couldn't get through a minute, now I'm running 28. We will all get there!!!!

  • Hmmm... looking at all these comments, I just thought I should chip in with my two penn'orth as well. Please don't despair - I still find it difficult too, and I'm sure other graduates will say the same thing. Trust the programme, take an extra rest day if you think you need it, and keep going! Good luck with your next run :)

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