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W9R3 Completed :)

Well that's it then...I'm a graduate...Chuffed to bits :)

Ran slightly faster and therefore slightly further than run 1 and 2. But then thats what this programme is all about really, pushing a little further week by week. And now for my 'Oscar speech' :

I stumbled across C25k in July and thought 'that looks good I'll give it a go' because I had so many good intentions in the past but never got up off my backside to do any of them. This was just before I went on summer hols to Cyprus. At the same time my wife started on Slimming World so by association my diet has altered too - though not religiously, I still like a beer with the lads etc. So I started this programme on holiday to counterbalance the overindulging in food and alchohol!! Even at 6am it was 28 degrees hot and humid.....finishing this week in the rain and wind in the hills of Leicetershire. What a contrast!

Of course the biggest contrast is what I can achieve now compared to that first morning on Week 1. I certainly wasn't too sure then how far I would get, but week in week out saw that improvement and stamina and endurance build and build.

So for those of you who are somewhere along the way or just starting out, I would just like to echo what many other graduates have said - If I can do it so can you. I'm 54 in a months time. In 9 weeks I've lost 2 stone in weight; can run for 30mins 3 times a week; feel so much healthier and fitter than I have for years; and I just feel good about myself.

So thank you to all on here for the support you all give to everyone, and of course to Laura, who despite being sworn at several times along the way has got me to the end. This programme does what it says on the tin, small steps to achieve that end goal.

So again to all of you - You can do it - Good Luck.

And so my relaxing weekend treat for completing the programme? Yep....Cub camp with 150 of them!!! ....then back to pounding the hills on Monday. Have a good weekend everyone. :)

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Congratulations, Nick. Well done on completing the programme. Enjoy your weekend with the cubs - hope you get some sleep!


Congratulations! That is so good to read, you must/should be incredibly proud. Enjoy your weekend...& happy running!


Another amazing story – well done Nick! Celebrate your achievement big time – you deserve it!


Congratulations Nick and well done, another inspiration as I battle on through the remaining few weeks.


Well done and congratuations on 1, graduation, 2, weight loss (excellent) 3, your stamina - be proud of taking on 150 cubs, I have 2 grandsons and thats quite enough boys at one time for me. You are one very brave RUNNER ;)


Congratulations well done to you. Enjoy your weekend!!


You inspire me nick! This blog really touched me in that I was feeling all sorry for myself today. This is truly what its about, I am so tickled to read the achievements of others, I need to stop and look where I was 8 weeks ago. I am so happy for you! Enjoy that badge if you survive the cubs! ;-)


Brilliant - congratulations, and I hope you survive the Cubs!


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