W9R3....I made it!! I've completed C25K!!


I'm just back from my run after completing C25K!! I'm so pleased I managed to keep going and get to the end of the plan.Its not been easy and I have struggled at times. I had a break from running for 10 days as well just after week 8 because of a cough and sore throat but when I started again last weekend I managed to pick up where I left off and keep going. I did however ditch Laura today....the awful music was too much!!

When I started C25K I couldn't even run to the end of the road and the thought of running filled me with dread. However, I really wanted to get fit and I spoke to someone at work about starting running and they suggested C25K. I've tried running before without any music or structure and really struggled and quickly gave up. But I'm so glad I found C25K. Having someone talk you through the early stages and how they gradually build up time and distance is great. This was the structure and help I needed to progress.

I would recommend anyone to try C25K. Even if you think you can't run, we all have to start somewhere and the sense of achievement when you get to the end of the plan is amazing! Reading everyone's blogs has really helped me as well to keep going so thank you!

I measured my distance today on Google Maps and I've managed to cover 4k in 30 minutes. So I'm going to keep running and try to get to 5k in the next month. Then I plan to use the Bridge to 10k Podcasts and see if I can progress further. I've already downloaded them and had a listen. I like the structure and hope to keep running every other day.

So good luck to everyone who's doing C25K and happy running!!


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  • Congrats on graduating - you should feel really proud of yourself. I have 3 more weeks to go and hearing about others success keeps me going.

  • Congrats on graduating - you should feel really proud of yourself. I have 3 more weeks to go and hearing about others success keeps me going.

  • Congratulations, It feels great doesn't it :>)

  • well done icey one. I finished W4 today and have also struggled but i will keep going to the end. Good luck on getting to 10k, Ed x

  • Congratulations, you should be very very proud of yourself, Keep it up!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on meeting your goal! Gayle

  • Brilliant acheivement and blog! Agree so much re c25k and this forum. Which B25k podcasts did you download? I'm currently working on the 5k+ stepping stones, speed and stamina podcasts as I'm trying to get my time down below 30m for 5k too. Keep posting! :)

  • All you say is so true. I am a week behind you and start week 9 on Thursday.

  • Well done - I'm just one run behind you. Would be interested to know which bridge 2 10k podcasts you've gone for - was thinking of giving that a go once I've consolidated for among.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

    With regard to Bridge 2 10k, I actually found a link to the podcasts on here. If you put bridge to 10k in the search box above then there are various blogs about it, I decided to download the Samantha Murphy podcasts. The music seems better and she doesn't talk to you too much during the pod casts and just lets you get on with it. Examples of the runs are as follows:

    Week 1 is 5 min warm up walk then 4x 10mins runs with a 1 minute walk in between then 5mins walk at end

    Week 2 is the walking part + 3x 15min runs with 1 minute walk in between

    I think there are 5 weeks in total, so its quite challenging!! Might need to stick to 30 minute runs for a bit to get my distance and time up before progressing onto this.

  • Congratulations, queen!! You have done it!!!

    All of the wonderful things that you mentioned about this program are absolutely true! I think that you missed out on one very important thing though. This program is only a tool that YOU used. YOU provided the motivation, determination and inspiration!! YOU DID IT!! The program is a great tool, but would be useless without YOU!!!

    Congratulations and enjoy that wonderful "Graduate" badge that you have earned!!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Congratulations on a fantastic achievement! It's great, isn't it, that the programme works so well? Enjoy your running :)

  • Congratulations - I also completed the plan on Boxing day. The issue now is to keep it up.

  • Congratulations:-) Isn't it a great feeling !! I completed it on Christmas Eve and am still buzzing from the feeling , can't wait to get my GRADUATE badge :-)

  • Congratulations to Angust and Kazzers too! It's brilliant isn't it knowing we can run for 30 mins! I'm excited about getting my green badge too! Also ordered a t-shirt!

  • Hey icequeen5, can you point me in the right direction to order a t.shirt ?? :-)

  • Hi Kazzers,

    I ordered mine from the Complete Runner website and they are in the December special offers section, Β£17.


  • well done and you must feel on top of the world. Good luck with the 5 & 10 km - no stopping you now Thanks for the inspiration and keep running.

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