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Penultimate Run Flop

Attempted my W9R2 run today. (morning after I was meant to do it, = 2 rest days rather than one.) Didn't think I was going particularly fast (I'm generally content at snail's pace to ensure that I manage the full time). Despite this, by 5 minutes I was exhausted. Kept going anyway and passed the 10 minute mark, but then I came to a massively massive puddle and to avoid I had to jog up a steep hill, at which point I was panting away uncontrollably and abandoned the run for a nice sit down on a wet tree root.

First run that I haven't managed to complete once starting in the whole c25k programme!

I guess that "first" justifies this random blog post.

Not too disheartened. Found W9R1 quite doable. W9R2 flop was a combination of factors (no banana in the house, sorry Laura! lack of a water bottle, different route as I'm not at home, hill that was too much for me without the water, etc.) that caused the non-completion and I might try again this evening if I feel up to it.

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Good luck for try 2!


I run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I always have the weekends off, I don't think it makes a difference if you have 2 rest days.i had a run where I met a hill but I just walked up it very fast, once I got to the top I started running again. Don't feel disheartened you will get there. You will find your recovery rate gets better with each run. This is my 11th week and believe me it does get better. Good luck you're doing great


My husband (smhall) and I were just discussing rest days. We run Sun/Tue/Thur and have Fri/Sat off. For us, we appreciate the extra day to prepare mentally and physically. There are times I think we need to extra time for our body to recover. Great job getting into week 9! We are right behind you in week 8. It sounds like you had many factors against you in this run and I'm sure the next run will go so much better! Looking forward to seeing your shiny grad badge!! :-)


Oh you are very brave going out on a route you don't know that well. I understand about the puddles and the hill. Better luck next time. You will get there. I know it!


Sometimes it just goes like that, but it's still disappointing. It's not the time because you've already proved you can do it. Next time, with banana, water bottle and no unexpected hills or puddles, you will be fine!


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