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The Penultimate Run

W9R2 Just one more and I get my badge :D :D :D

Well when I started this I wrote each run on my calendar so I had to complete them .... well bank holiday I missed (it was raining) so I've been a day out since then :)

So Wednesday is my graduation run ... gonna have to plan what to wear, what route to do make sure everything is my favourite ... geeezz what'll I do next I wonder ... My plan is to do park run on Sat mornings, do my trail run Sun afternoon and my road run on a Wed evening after work until I decide what to do next.

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Yey Shelley - what fantastic progress! Best wishes for your graduation run. So much to plan - finding your lucky socks, making sure your gadgets are charged. Wait!! where did I put my shoes? Oh no the top I was going to wear is in the wash... But it will all be worth it when you're doing the stride-of-pride on Wednesday. Do tell us all about it! Will the dogs graduate, too?

I'm pleased that you're going to start Park Run: it's great!


Hey MarkyD

I am actually a planning engineer so everything will be in place ready! Stride of Pride .... Ohhhhh I will think of that as I do that last stride :D

I will tell you all about it of course (after I've applied for my badge of course)

The dog(s) won't be graduating no, 1 is too old to run with me, 1 is too young to run with me and Lulu has done a few I've left her running lead at my Moms ...doh!! She has posted it on but won't get it for Wednesday :(

Am hoping to do Newbury on Saturday :0


Good luck! I will be on w9r3 on Wednesday too!


Hey Clara

Will be crossing that finishing line and we will hear the virtual WWWWWOOOOHHHHOOOO's Do you have a Graduation dance planned or you gonna go home a Whoop in silence ... not sure which way I'll go yet but one thing is for sure there will be one heck of a smile on my face :D


I will probably cross it as I do normally, with a huge phwaaaawwww of relief that I am allowed to stop staggering on like some sort of asthmatic elderly hippo! ( perhaps I will be wwwwhhhhhhooooing just a tiny bit inside though!)

I have struggled and am never going to be an athlete, but the sense of achievement has been amazing. I am determined to KEEP GOING!

Good luck with yours!


We'll be there with the pom poms, bunting and frolic. Go Lab, go Lab! Yeeehah!

Planning Engineer ey! Ha! Planning my foot! I couldn't plan my way out of a paper bag. I find that my best laid plans always end in tatters and my getting hellishly frustrated.

I planned my weekend run to a tee. Sadly, things started to go wrong from the off when my mp3 player gave out a horrible staccato beep. Yikes! My earoles were seared! Wrong shoes, wrong route. Pah! My face must have been a picture. Contorted with fury. What a sight. So, I think I'll give up this planning caper and just go with the flow. 'appen it's best

I envy people who can plan and succeed. The more meddling I do the worse it gets

It can't just be me can it? I wonder if it runs in families. Hmmmm ?


Good luck. My graduation run will be Thursday, all being well!


Good Luck: go for it useitorloseit! (My autocorrect thingy wanted to change that to used tool set!)


Best of luck, Labshack :)

Sending you lots of Tiger Power for a GRRRREAT run!!


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