Hurray - ran for 35 minutes. Beyond belief two months ago!!!

Well - I am soooo chuffed. Went out for W7R2, all going fine, found a really nice running route through woody, watery, muddy, empty cross country style paths (including railway sleepers covered in chicken wire above marsh areas. Was still jogging in my usual slow joe pace when Laura said, 'you have been running 20 minutes' I knew I still had a fair way to go so just kept on plodding and ran another ten minutes! (including a final uphill bit) I didn't put many kms under my trainers - but I kept going, so pleased I managed it. I am beginning to believe I might actually be able to do 5k (in the time it would take most normal people to walk it probably but I don;t care - well much!!)

Not sure if I should carry on my 35 minute runs from now on or go back to week 7 R3. If I do 3 30 minute runs would that make me a graduate or is that cheating?

Anyway - still really pleased with myself.

PS does off road count as more mileage? (kilometerage doesn't sound right)


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9 Replies

  • well done! i'm just on week 8, run 2. i've just managed 27 out of the 28 minutes so it's still not easy. i'm sticking it out though. keep it up x

  • Well done your route sounds great! The whole aim of the programme is to get you running for 30 mins so I would say you are a graduate already! There is a reason for the slow build up though to give your body the time to get used to the exercise. You should try a park run and time yourself. I've been running exclusively offroad and its a really surprise to get out on tarmac and realise how much quicker you go! Cant beat navigating through slippery tree roots and slipping through sloppy mud though!

  • completely with you on the off road - why run past houses when you can run through countryside. But I will do a park run once I have cracked 5K!

  • Well done you, great feeling isn't it. Enjoy and keep going to the program, graduation feels fantastic

  • Great, well done! Same here, I went out for W7R2 tonight but kept going for 30 minutes. So I think I'll stick to the 30 minutes. And increase my pace hopefully over the next weeks.

  • good plan - definitely need to work on my speed!!! Enjoy - catch you at graduation week I reckon!!!

  • Well done you! Speed will improve with time but to run that length of time is wonderful!

  • Thanks for replies everyone. I think I will stick to the same course and try and improve my time - maybe run it the other way round and then try and aim at doing five K for my final weeks running. then i will have achieved both goals. Good to feel I have achieved a personal best though.... 35 mins - amazing. Although I am aching rather this evening I must admit.

    Good luck to you all heading to graduation....

  • Fantastic!! Look at you!!! Keep it up and you will be graduating in no time!!!

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