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W9R1: I ran for 30 minutes!!


Well 8 weeks ago I set out on this journey, I got puffed out just walking up the hill by my house. Today I took my car for a service and ran back, 5.86k and ran for about 31mins, started to run a minute early to avoid running up the steep hill at the end but forgot and ran it anyway, not my fastest time but I had to negotiate a major roundabout so running on the spot and the last kilometre was about a 50m gain in elevation (walked!!). But feeling really pleased with myself as previously would have had to ask for a lift. 2 more runs to graduation, I think I can do it now!!

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That's amazing, well done, and such a quick time for almost 6K, I am in awe! I only got to 4.3K in my 30 minute runs last week (but did make sure I started and stopped Strava when the running commenced and finished so that was the actual running distance - I'm hoping to improve more over the coming weeks).

Only 2 runs to go, you are smashing this C25K thing, well done you. :-)

PhdgrannyGraduate in reply to Forest_Run_Beginner

I didn’t do it in the 30 minutes it was nearer 43! I was quite a way from home when I finished, thank you for the support x

Still an amazing achievement, you should be totally pleased with yourself and like you said, it meant you could be totally independent and not have to ask anyone for a lift home, go you :-)

Well done and let us how the next 2 go, (then you are a graduate, yayyyy!) :-) x


Excellent, well done 😁


That's such a good time to run so far!

You must feel super chuffed with yourself - well done!!! :D


Well done! We are on the same in, my dog and I finished this rub this morning in the sunshine. I can’t believe I’ve got this far in 2 months. Good luck with the remaining 2 😊


Forgive the typos! I’m still recovering 😊

Excellent Phdgranny you are nearly there 💪😃

Oh wow! Brilliant news. Of course you can do it!

I may cry off on Wed unless the weather forecast improves. So going for Thurs, then Sat for graduation 😬🌸🏃🏼‍♀️🌸


Fantastic stuff , very well done PhdGranny. You can do it.



Wow, that’s a fantastic achievement Phdgranny, amazing what the body can do given half a chance 🤣 , must feel great to be so self sufficient, will you run back to collect 😄 x

PhdgrannyGraduate in reply to jorgeRuns

No I had a lift back as on same day but I was really chuffed to be able to say “no it’s OK I’ll run back “ when offered a lift in the morning!

jorgeRunsGraduate in reply to Phdgranny

twice in one day would be asking for trouble and we all have enough of that right now 🤗


How is Mr Jorge?


I think he’s been overdoing it and is still on the couch but he’s hoping to back out again soon 😊

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