Finally - I ran for 30 minutes again!

I have been lurking around on here feeling a right fraud for months now.

Last September I was running for an hour a couple of times a week and the longer runs meant I could go far enough that I could do some time in more wooded areas which I was really enjoying. Went away for a couple of weeks- whirlwind tour around the USA with no time to run. Got home, first time out stopped at 10 mins and never really got going again. Tried different routes, different music, went back to the podcasts and although I could sometimes do the 20mins of wk5, couldn't get through wk6. So since last October I have been going out 2-3 times a week and hardly ever getting past 15 mins. Not sure why I kept going when every run felt like a failure but I did. Last week I decided that as I knew I had managed 20 mins with the podcast I would just keep on doing that run over and over until it got easier. First attempt ran on through the warm down to make 25 mins and actually felt something shift in my head. Now I have done the 25 min run, on through the warm down and a bit more.

So - YAHOO - hopefully I can just move on from here - and I may never go on holiday again!! I doubt I am known as someone who perseveres with things so I am surprised but very pleased I didn't just chuck it in. (especially when someone at work started running 11 months ago and has just done the London Marathon). I think I knew it was all my head but didn't expect it to take 5-6 months. I do know that having everyone's exploits to read about has kept running at the front of my mind, so thank you - and here's to getting back to Parkrun. Linda

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8 Replies

  • wow, well done you for perserveing, thats a great achievement...and good luck with progress :)

  • Thank you - funny how this running lark hooks you in

  • Excellent, great that you carried on even when you thought each run wasn't the best! Pack your running togs next time you go away! Enjoy your running x

  • Thanks - am going to New York in June and certainly planning a run in Central Park.

  • Well done for getting back into running and coming on to the forum. Many welcomes. Good luck with your next runs and best wishes.

  • Thank you - it's great to have this forum.

  • Well done, and welcome back! That's very inspiring, because I'm in a similar situation. I was running quite well but through various health issues it all slipped and now I can't seem to get much past 20 mins again. So I will take courage and inspiration from you and keep at it, and soon perhaps I'll be back up to my 30 minutes again. I think it's a good idea to go back to Laura - like you say, we know we can do that, and I like your idea of running through the cool down. Thanks, and very well done you :)

  • Hi Annie, I would certainly say just aim for what you know you can do to start. It's so much better to get home feeling you've achieved your goal than just keep thinking you failed. The fact we are still running is the main thing.Good Luck.

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