W6 R3 - YES!!!!!

But wow that was hard. Week 6 has served to bring me down to earth with a large bump. After the euphoria of week 5, this one reminds you that you're nowhere near there yet. R1 was hard but do-able, run 2 had it's own little drama and today was hard graft, although to be honest I don't think I was fully recovered from R2 and the unplanned for re-run an hour later on Sunday morning!

But I did it and ran 4k in 25 minutes so 5k is looking like a 33 minute approx possibility at the moment, but who knows what the 9 runs of weeks 7 to 9 will do to that? Glad that's over with to be honest but it's another hurdle surpassed and I have to keep remembering that it is only last month that I could barely run for 60 seconds and here I am doing 25 minutes!! Amazing programme!


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  • You did it fraz73!!!!!!! Week 6 so far has been my worse, other then week 1 and 2 starting out. Actually, week 6 was a week I could of easily walked away from the program. All the previous weeks I felt a huge improvement, not so week 6. PLUS, how could I suffer so much when I just ran a 20?? :-( If it will make you feel better, week 7 was a better week and week 8, run 1 was better for me then weeks 6 and 7. I HOPE that continues tonight as I head out for the #2 run!! :-) True what you stated, look where we were just a few weeks ago. All in all, we should be pretty smug with ourselves!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and welcome to week 7!!! :-)

  • Thank you Gayle and I hope I follow in your footsteps and continue to improve through week 7. Good luck with W8R2 tonight - wow after that you are 4 runs away from graduation!!

  • Well done Fraz that graduation is getting closer with every run.

  • Oh it still seems a long way off Chewy but we'll get there, I know we will :)

  • Both of you will! I never dreamed I would be in week 8! Thank you for the well wishes!!! :-)

  • Well done, Fraz. Just caught up with your eventful week 6 blogs. Poor you having that tummy thing on run 2, sounds awful for you. But you went back and did it, so a big tick in the box.You'll be graduating in no time! Isn't it fab when Laura tells you you're a runner? Your time / distance sound very promising for your graduation run too.

  • Thanks Soozz. Do you know that as as soon as she said the cool down was ended on W6R3, I just switched off my ipod as I was that knackered and missed her telling me I'm a real runner? Haha. Ah well week 7 tomorrow and very scared as long runs are daunting. I also had to cover two dance classes in work today so while maybe some would say that's good cross training, my legs feel very heavy and I'm worried I won't make it. Ah well we'll see :)

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